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Pneumatic Ball Valve suitable for natural gas, oil, chemical, metallurgy, paper making, electric power, mining, printing and dyeing, biological pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food and beverage, water treatment and air treatment industries to control or regulate fluid control, instruments and supporting the use of pneumatic automation.

Structural characteristics of pneumatic ball valve series are:
     Shell structure: the valve fixed ball valve according to user needs and the actual working conditions of the different structures can be designed for casting, forging the structure and the whole structure of three forms of welding, in which the whole structure of the ball valve welding apply mainly to the use of buried .

     Pneumatic Actuator: A new series of GT-type pneumatic actuator, double and single-action role-type (spring-reset), rack and pinion drive, safe and reliable; large diameter valves using series HAW-type pneumatic actuator fork Transmission, reasonable structure, big output torque, there are dual-role and single-action (spring reset); reference to the Company's pneumatic actuator samples.

The unique structure of the valve seat seal:

     Obstruction and discharge: When the valve is closed, the upstream and downstream side of the seat so that the liquid blocked积滞body of material in the cavity can be excreted through the discharge device.

     Floating ball valve using a flexible lip seal design, ensure the reliability of sealing, for low-voltage, ultra-low pressure or vacuum; is the status with the ball valve, the spring loaded valve seat seal structure to ensure long-term reliable ball valve sealed. , The high temperature ball valve seat material of choice for digital polystyrene or metal materials.

     Automatic pressure relief structure: there were any unusual increase in cavity pressure phenomenon, in the cavity can depend on their own media to promote the thrust and the automatic pressure relief valve seat, thus ensuring the safety valve to mention.

     Fixed ball valve under the pressure from the media and sealed the nature of the choice of the different structure of the ball before sealing the ball after the sealed structures or structure of the double-sealed. , The high temperature ball valve seat material of choice for digital polystyrene or metal materials.

     Reliable stem seal: stem the use of the download was sealed structure, but sealed with the seal strength increased with increasing medium pressure, it can ensure a reliable stem sealing, and, when abnormal boost stem, the stem not smoke.

     Structure fire: In accordance with conditions and user-friendliness, the ball valve structure can be designed to fire. Ball valve API607 fire resistance design and implementation of standards such as JB/T6899, in the event of a fire burning ring of soft, the ball valve structure of the fire of a large number of medium to prevent leakage and prevent further expansion of the fire.
     Anti-static structure: When the operation of the valve when the ball and as a result of friction between the valve seat, will have cattle and the accumulation of electrostatic charge on the sphere, in order to prevent static sparks, especially in the electrostatic valve device set up to accumulate in the spheroid on the export charge.

     Full Bore necking structure and structure: In order to meet the different needs of users, the ball valve products company-wide path, and two series of necking. Ball Valve Full Bore diameter of the channel in line with the pipe diameter, easy to clean, and the ball valve series necking relatively light weight, but just the same caliber flow resistance cut-off valve 1 / 7 or so, the necking of the application of ball valve series the prospect of a wider meaning.