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    Nitrogen in March 2005 raised the value of war machine, which started its own air-conditioning giant into the prelude; 51 during the 2005 Nitrogen Generator 28 branches across the country the expense of the rest days, gathered in Qingdao for business headquarters core and management has done a detailed analysis and discussion in order to put forward a business must be in transition to develop; As of July 15, Nitrogen Generator Aucma breakthrough domestic sales 960,000 units, enterprise profitability compared to the same period last year improved ... ... recently visited Aucma reporter Nitrogen Generator Division Deputy General Manager, made the operation of the current restructuring of the product transition, a detailed understanding. 

    Appearance: highlight the product in June 2004, Zhejiang University of Aucma and co-sponsored the "air-conditioning Aucma Cup" industrial design competition aimed at strengthening cooperation between enterprises and institutions to raise the level of industrial design, as well as O Air conditioning deliver innovative, fashionable and practical industrial design programs to enhance brand image Aucma air-conditioned. The event has played a good results. At the same time, the company started the second half of 2004 and the Guangzhou Industrial Design, a professional company to develop new products, air-conditioning. The project of product development and small batch production trial stage, soon will have new products coming to market. 

    Performance: the core of products adhering to the "promotion of technological revolution, the leadership of the upgrade of living" concept, Aucma air conditioning air conditioning to the development of health as one of the priorities of the development of corporate strategy. In April 2003 from the introduction of the ecological health of the bedroom air-conditioning, to the 2004 wooden healthy air-conditioning, appliances and furniture to create a unity, home appliances and consumer environment, integration of the new fashion. First used in the industry to do high-quality wood shell, fully reflects the aesthetic of household electrical appliances, design and development of the concept of human nature; At the same time, through a variety of cutting-edge technology to make products with a "cutting-edge cooling, ultra-stable operation, high-intelligent, super - Strong silent, pure oxygen release by "technical style and become the new darling of the air-conditioning industry. 

    Quality: air-conditioning products to protect Aucma attaches great importance to the quality of the credibility of the company in 2001, multi-wall air-conditioning was a national honorary title of the first batch of products exempt. QC working group was established, the establishment of a professional screening workshop, change "sampling" as "a location" to ensure that components 100% pass rate, 100%% finished goods factory qualified. As the saying goes, "start with the mouth," first of all to ensure the quality delivery from outside the Association for the quality of manufacturers start. Company provides support to manufacturers Aucma must be ISO9001 certified company, involved in the electronic components of the enterprise must have a certificate CCEE, computer board through the EMC electromagnetic compatibility testing. In the production process, in strict accordance with the international first-class enterprise in the implementation of quality management model 6sigma product defect rate dropped below 3.4 parts per million. 

    Price: a manifestation of the value of air-conditioning Division, deputy general manager of Aucma said that the Chinese home appliance enterprises to survive only by technological innovation, rely on technology to win market competition. Therefore, air-conditioning Aucma vision to make the company's business focus from price war to fight the transfer of value, purpose is to increase the air-conditioning products Aucma technology to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.