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1. Overview 
     Magnetic materials in modern electronics industry, one of the main basis of the material is widely used in radio, television, communication, medical, agricultural, industrial automation and home appliance and many other fields, the number of per capita consumption of magnetic materials can be shown that development of the national economy of that country level. Western industrialized countries, per capita consumption of magnetic materials have been 7Kg, and our only 0.1Kg, we can see that China also has a lot of room for the development of magnetic materials. 
2.rare-earth permanent magnet alloy production process and MnZn ferrite Profile 

     Powder metallurgy alloys of rare earth permanent magnet is the main method, the typical production process is as follows:
     Ingredients (Metal) - melting - Milling - orientation suppression - sintering (heat treatment) - Grinding - Magnetizing detection.

     Magnetic material production also requires the use of nitrogen in the soft magnetic MnZn ferrite, it is a typical production process is as follows:
     Ingredients (oxides) - Mixed - Burn - Milling - repression - sintering - Grinding - detection. 
3.the current domestic production of the application of magnetic source 

     Magnetic materials because of the time the establishment of manufacturing enterprises, start-up capital, scale of production and the nitrogen at the time of its knowledge, so the use of nitrogen or nitrogen is way different, boils down to four categories: bottled pure nitrogen to , liquid nitrogen, cryogenic air separation PSA nitrogen and nitrogen. 

     1. Bottle of high-purity nitrogen
     2. Liquid nitrogen
     3. Cryogenic air separation nitrogen generator, PSA nitrogen and nitrogen membrane separation 

4.A nitrogen plant in the field of application of magnetic materials
     Above have been briefly introduced the current domestic production of magnetic materials in the case of nitrogen application. Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic alloy production scale are in the 50 ~ 300 tons / year or less may be equipped with 40 ~ 200Nm3 / h of high purity nitrogen generating unit; MnZn ferrite enterprises nitrogen machine configuration is usually more than 500 tons of annual output ( nitrogen kiln two more), the current domestic production of a certain size from about 500 to 5000 tons / year, can be configured 40 ~ 400Nm3 / h of nitrogen within the machine, in the range of high-purity nitrogen PSA unit is the most section of a competitive advantage. 
     1. Magnetic material production in China has been ranked the world, but also 15 to 20 percent a year growth, the domestic high-purity nitrogen magnetic materials industry is an important market.
     2. Magnetic characteristics of the production of nitrogen determines the equipment must meet the basic requirements for equipment products are reliable and high-purity gas, harmful impurities subject to strict quality control and long-term stability. 
     3. The vast majority of China's current production of magnetic materials (such as: the production of NdFeB-scale enterprises in the 50 ~ 300 tons / year, MnZn ferrite enterprises in the 500 ~ 3000 tons / year) use of high-purity nitrogen PSA unit is the best option.
     4. Magnetic materials is needed is the most appropriate price level without having to clean up after the high-purity nitrogen PSA machine, and need to add nitrogen to clean up after the machine-level compared to the nitrogen making it better quality (fewer harmful impurities), more reliable equipment, such as nitrogen plant more competitive advantage.