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China's basic situation Nitrogen Generator

     1. Inefficient small-scale enterprises 

     Instruments in 2005 the industry in our country about the size of 178 billion yuan GDP, gross domestic product (GDP) of 0.975%, in 2006 the growth rate instrument industry more than 26% annual growth rate in 2007 will be more than 20%. Instrumentation throughout the vast majority of the share of industry sales from the work of measuring instruments, nitrogen machine sales is relatively small. Instrument Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Instrument Group Co., Ltd. and the West as an example, the production of nitrogen group of the company's sales of machines only a few thousand million, only a few dozens of employees. At the same time, the efficiency of our industry as a whole as compared with foreign counterparts, only one-tenth or less people.

     2. The types of complete

     For decades China's equipment technology products transferred to the mechanical system is basically the management, but as an information source instrumentation, mechanical instrumentation sector enterprises can not meet the needs of other industries, so in the information, science, education, work for national defense, aviation and space, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and other foods more than 20 departments have established a large number of large-scale instrumentation enterprises, which produce a full range of nitrogen machine. Over the past 20 years the production of a large number of private enterprises to enter the field of nitrogen plane, and the formation of scale, at the same time in order to wholly owned foreign enterprises, joint ventures, cooperative forms of production plants in China.

     3. Products of low

     Currently, China's domestic nitrogen level machine is still relatively low, provincial centers and measurement industry for more than a technical body measuring device of the main criteria for the use of foreign products. NIM Although "NIM4 laser cooling - cesium fountain frequency of the base unit of time" and "Quantum Hall Resistance benchmarks" project for two consecutive years won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, but my production machine or a large number of nitrogen in the low-end level. For example: widely used in our standard mercury thermometer, the European Commission decision, from 2005 to 4 years, the mercury thermometer on the European market will disappear in 2011 banned the export of this thermometer, Europe and the United States has been large-scale use of digital thermometer . In terms of safety, environmental protection, ease of use and accuracy of mercury thermometers and digital thermometers can not be compared. Instrumentation from the high-end side, we can see that the calibration can be 51 / 2 and 61 / 2 Digital Multimeters machine, almost all of the nitrogen FLUKE monopoly by the United States.