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Nitrogen Generator investors yesterday, the exchange will be held, the company chairman of YU You-Chung, Jian-Fang Shen, general manager of the company in 2005 and first quarter of this year's operation is introduced to illustrate the sharp price increases of raw materials brought about by the adverse effects and take a positive response.

     Nitrogen Generator consistent performance and stability, and last year's fourth quarter performance of the first quarter of this year, landslides are caused by a variety of factors. First of all, steel plate, silicon steel sheet, copper and other raw materials prices, reduce profit margins; Secondly, the appreciation of the renminbi to reduce the company export business; Third, regulation and control have reduced the real estate industry's demand for air conditioning. Nitrogen Generator annually 15,000 tons of copper, copper prices rise, the cost of a single compressor will be increased by an average of 24.32 yuan.

     The face of difficulties, the company's management remains confident of future development. In their view, nitrogen machine from its establishment in 1994, when Taiwan's annual production capacity of 250,000 to the development of Taiwan's 10 million now, is because holding the Chinese side insist on technological innovation, brand independently. Compressor technology is now in full control of its own hands, and on the compressor to the development of the history of 100 years, the 5 years will not substitute for fundamental products, or the steady development of the industry's, G Highly maintained the first position . Dramatic changes for the current external environment, the company has been actively taking measures to deal with.

     To June of this year, G-hai Li is expected to be completed by the year 61% of the business, In addition, the auto parts companies to invest in running a good business. Company believes that the platform through the current period, G-li will be the steady development of the sea.