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China's domestic demand for Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Generator growth rate higher than the ordinary needs. At the end of 2006, Chinese-made self-sufficiency rate of nitrogen production machine only 44.8 percent, output of CNC machine nitrogen self-sufficiency rate of only 30% of nitrogen machine market in China there is a big gap, especially in a large number of high-end CNC machine imported from nitrogen . CNC Nitrogen Generator domestic demand is very strong. China Nitrogen Generator very large industry exists the potential for import substitution.
Although China's export machine nitrogen ratio is not high, the total amount was less, but the growth rate much higher than the growth rate of imports. Has been gradually showing nitrogen CNC machine made in China in the huge cost advantage, export began to accelerate. At present, Chinese-made CNC machine technical level of nitrogen is increasing in some areas have been able to replace imported. Nitrogen to occupy the domestic high-end CNC machine imported products in major markets will soon face the impact of China-made products. The future of high-end CNC machine nitrogen substitution of imported products has great potential. External export market is still in its infancy period, the future development potential.

     2008 January to October, the domestic nitrogen production value of machine tool industry sales growth of 31.24 percent year-on-year, of which exports accounted for 10.5% of output value, an increase of 18.4%. From the trend, the nitrogen in October by the amount of machine tool sales continue to slow down speed. Nitrogen Generator and a sharp decline in production, the nitrogen machine cut 10 per month for 49,914 units, down 9.22%; CNC Nitrogen Generator 9464 Taiwan 10 per month, up 12.85 percent decline, in March for the third consecutive negative growth.

Increased output, the output shows decline in unit price nitrogen machine constantly upgrading. Great emphasis on high-end CNC machine the proportion of nitrogen is increasing.