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    PSA (the PSA) is a new gas separation technology, its principle is the use of gas molecules of different molecular sieve "Absorption" of the differences in performance will be separated from gas mixtures. It is based on the air as raw materials, using a high-performance, high on the selection of solid nitrogen and oxygen adsorbent selective adsorption performance of the air out of nitrogen and oxygen separation. Carbon molecular sieve nitrogen and oxygen on the role of the separation is based mainly on these two gases at the surface of carbon molecular sieve different proliferation rate, the smaller the diameter of the gas (oxygen) the proliferation of faster, more solid phase into the zeolite. This gas can be nitrogen-rich ingredients. Period of time, the molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen balance, in accordance with carbon molecular sieve pressure in different gases on the adsorption of different adsorption characteristics of carbon molecular sieve to reduce stress so that the lifting of the oxygen adsorption, the process is called regeneration. PSA the two towers used in parallel, alternating compression and decompression of renewable Absorption to obtain a continuous flow of nitrogen.