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    1. the air from natural raw materials, only compressed air and power to provide nitrogen to the system. Equipment and low consumption, low running costs.
    2. adjust the purity nitrogen Convenience, nitrogen purity nitrogen only by the effects of displacement, general purity nitrogen at between 95% -99.99% arbitrary adjustment; high-purity nitrogen machine at between 99% -99.999% arbitrary regulation.
    3. a high degree of automation equipment, quick aerogenes can be unmanned. Start, click Shut Down button, the boot 10 to 15 minutes of nitrogen production.
    4. equipment process is simple, small form factor device structure, covers an area of less adaptable installations.
    5. special cylinder clamping device, avoiding the impact of high pressure gas stream cause of the phenomenon of molecular sieve powder, which will automatically overrun alarm sound and light.
    6. digital flow meter with pressure compensation, high-precision industrial process monitoring of secondary instruments, with the instantaneous flow and the function of a cumulative basis. (Optional)
    7. analyzer imports online detection, precision, maintenance-free. (Optional)