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    After years of research and development, testing and application, our PSA nitrogen in the field of technology have a number of unique advantages:

Standard Function Deployment:

    1. a compact molecular sieve bed alarm, the second self-locking function pressed;
    2. Quick Start - the cold / hot start function;
    3. the parameters of online display, data port is reserved;
    4. multi-function alarm General (purity, pressure, etc.);
    5. failed to cut off Products / emptying (user specified);
    6. stop control.

Intelligent control configuration:

    1. a standard feature of all the functions of configuration;
    2. PC functionality - Windows-based operating platform, you can achieve the basic PC operation;
    3. touch-screen dynamic display and storage;
    4. Paperless Recorder Analog;
    5. three-level password protection (operating class / class director / manager level), to prevent the misoperation;
    6. adjust operating parameters online;
    7. three-level maintenance and repair tips - notice / tips / protection of self-locking;
    8. instrument calibration tips;
    9. data transmission figure shows FarEasTone (broadband / dial-up);
    10. system upgrades online;
    11. to facilitate docking with the DCS system.
Energy-saving control configuration: 

    1.intelligent control of all configuration of the function; 
    2.automatic shielding function, the external environment to effectively prevent the interference of the control system; 
    3. PDC function (Pressure-Difference Control) - Energy-saving control pressure; 
    4. VFC function (Variant Frequency Control) - Energy-saving variable frequency control.

Stability control configuration: 

    1. energy-saving control of the entire configuration of the function; 
    2. PID output function (Proportion Integral Differential) - the purity and flow features and stability.