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1. SMT Industry 

    Nitrogen reflow and wave soldering, nitrogen can be effectively curbed by the oxidation of solder, welding improve wettability, to speed up the rate of reduction of the wettability of the resulting solder ball to avoid the bridge and reduce welding defects, welding quality to be better. The use of nitrogen is greater than the purity of 99.99 or 99.9%. Most at home and abroad Weiton Nitrogen reflow and wave soldering equipment manufacturers, has for many well-known electronic manufacturers SMT hundreds of sets of supporting cost-effective PSA Nitrogen Generator, in the SMT industry, with its huge customer base, SMT industry for more than 90 percent share.

2. Application of semiconductor silicon industry 

    Semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing process to protect the atmosphere, cleaning, recycling and other chemicals. Weiton manufacturing the world's first silicon for the semiconductor industry-specific PSA Nitrogen Generator, the success of replacing the liquid nitrogen, the system no longer intermittently in Hong Kong over the past two years running.

3. Application of semiconductor packaging industry 

    Nitrogen package, sintering, annealing, restore, store. Victoria pass PSA Nitrogen Generator to assist the industry category of major manufacturers in the competition to win the opportunity to realize the value of an effective upgrade.

4. Application of the electronic components industry 

    Selective Soldering with nitrogen, purge and packaging. Inert nitrogen science has been proved to be the protection of the success of the production of high quality electronic components essential an essential aspect.

5. Chemical industry, industrial applications and new materials industries 

    Nitrogen in the chemical process used to create an atmosphere of oxygen, improve the safety of production processes, such as fluid power source. Oil: pipeline system can be applied to containers, such as nitrogen purge, Nitrogen storage tank, replacement, leak detection, flammable gas protection, but also applies to diesel hydrotreating and catalytic reforming.

6. Powder metallurgy, metal processing industry, the application of heat treatment industry 

    Steel, iron, copper, aluminum annealing, charring, high temperature furnace protection, metal parts assembly and the low temperature, such as plasma cutting.

7. Food industry application of the pharmaceutical industry 

    Mainly used in food packaging, food preservation, food storage, drying and sterilization of food, medicine packing, medical replacement gas, medical transportation, such as the atmosphere.

8. Other field of use 

    Apart from the use of nitrogen in these machine industries, in coal mines, injection molding, brazing, Nitrogen tire rubber, rubber vulcanization, and many other fields have also been widely used. With the advancement of technology and social development, the use nitrogen plant more and more extensive areas, on-site gas (nitrogen machine) for its investment, the use of low cost, ease of use has been gradually replaced by liquid nitrogen evaporation, bottled nitrogen and other traditional methods for nitrogen.