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    1. Ordinary PC (WinXP system) for data transmission and storage; 
    2. More than 200 meters distance data transmission, real-time observation to ensure that remote offices; 
    3. Flow, purity, boot time parameters such as figures show that the instrument calibration tips 
    4. Dynamic Display Technology 
    5. General Multi-function alarm (purity, fault, maintenance, etc.) 
    6. Online upgrade system 
    7. Three-level password protection (operating class / class director / manager level), to prevent the misoperation; 
    8. Analog paperless recording devices to adjust operating parameters online, adjust the parameters online Record interval; 
    9. Quick Start - the cold / hot start 
    10. Notice the three-tier maintenance tips / tips / protection of self-locking 
    11. Use, maintenance time Clear Record 
    12. Maintenance, shutdown countdown 
    13. Users to upgrade, adjust any parameters 
    14. Automatic shielding, the external environment to effectively prevent the interference of the control system 
    15. PDC energy-saving features (Pressure-Difference Control, matching) 
    16. PID output function of the flow (Proportion Integral Differential, matching) 
    17. Set aside the pressure, purity, traffic signal port connected with the user DCS system; reserved I / O contact and location PLC expansion module in order to make customers and remote monitoring and on-line network. 
    18. Reserved compressor temperature and pressure 4-20mA interface, and failure alarm switch interface to facilitate user to monitor the entire system.