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    Nitrogen system is mainly composed of three parts: compressed air, air purification, and distribution of nitrogen-oxygen separation; 
    Compressed air from the compressor to the 7.0-8.5Bar, by the purification system of three filters, refrigerated dryer and oil remover activated most of the air moisture, oil, and some particles of impurities removed for the back Host of the nitrogen gas source to provide a more secure supply. 
    Air into the nitrogen adsorption host two towers, the tower equipped with a dedicated high-performance oxygen and carbon molecular sieve, in accordance with its under the air pressure at the nitrogen and oxygen in different "Absorption of Choice" by the automatic switching valve implementation the two towers of the "pressure adsorption, desorption pressure release" the pressure swing adsorption process, namely: in the case of pressurized oxygen adsorption with molecular sieves to separate and nitrogen through the collection, transport; Absorption saturation automatically when switching to another Taga Absorption Absorption pressure, the tower is short and from the adsorption of oxygen, and so back and forth to create continuous high concentration of nitrogen.