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1, cover and management accounts
     When the fruit thoroughly after storage hangar temperature stabilized at ± 5 ℃, they can immediately cover the current account, the atmosphere, rapid lowering of oxygen.
     Under normal circumstances the Treasury every 2 to 3 days. Can be kept in the register in the gas composition of the mosquito net down to:
     1. 2 to 3 percent oxygen;
     2. 3 ~ 4.5% carbon dioxide;
     3. Temperature ± 5 ℃;
     4. Humidity maintained at 90 ~ 95%.
2, covers the late account management
     After the cover off of temperature, humidity, gas composition are up to the standards set should be kept in the register at a half months from different parts of random checks and found that the issue should be unfit for storage of boxes of fruit removed.
     Indicator of storage life and storage management in fine conditions, kiwifruit can be stored 4 to 6 months, when the Treasury to sell before the fruit of not less than the hardness 4-6Kg/cm2, in any conditions, storage period may be extended to Fruit hardness is lower than the above targets, and maintain its unique flavor. To this end, the need for regular sampling to ensure the timely sale of the library.
     Fresh kiwifruit storage technology is very difficult to operate must be careful, the operator should be devoted to training, and to promote the library in person at the main site monitoring key operational aspects of various segments of strict, so that cover the current account to reach the fruits of the Treasury Atmosphere hardness,果蒂鲜绿, very fresh, and meet or exceed the airtight atmosphere storage pool, fruit can be sold in the market's best prices.
     Material from more than Zhouzhi County Fruit Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. After several years of experience from practice, it is edited for the majority of cold storage to cover the needs of the general account or a controlled atmosphere cold storage enclosures built off of the fruit Atmosphere reference library and to provide design, installation and technical advice, where modified by the company's equipment sales tracking service to ensure that cost recovery was the year of investment.
3, pre-cooling, packing storage
     Will be selected after classification by gently Actinidia Add at the end of both the medial and inner lining of a newspaper or toilet paper storage box, each weight 12 ~ 13 kg, and cold storage in the fruits of the previous week with 50% of high-manganese oxide potassium or formalin fumigation, and then open the doors exhaust ventilation 3 to 5 days after the temperature dropped and then the Treasury 5 ~ 7 ℃. Fruit should be packed as soon as possible, storage, and its maximum time interval over 24 hours, refrigerated warehouse stacking boxes of fruit to stay should pay attention to ventilation Road, the Road to the ventilation air flow should be consistent with the hangar.
4, small and medium-sized cold storage account to cover the technical elements of Modified Atmosphere
     1. Choice for storage of the fruit is very important.
     Sensory indicators: the fruits of this species should have the fruit shape, size, color (including pulp and seed color) texture and flavor.
     Physical and chemical indicators: hardness of not less than storage at 10Kg/cm2, soluble solids of not less than 6.5%, sugar acid ratio from 8 to 10, about 10 days before harvesting the best time to spray fungicides should not be frozen as follows Kiwifruit :
     Excessive nitrogen fertilization ① or improper tree fruits;
     ② before harvest rain water or a large number of cans of fruit orchards;
     ③ scaffolding under the shelter of the fruit is too negative;
     ④ fruits against pests;
     ⑤ fruit tree leaves yellow;
     ⑥ burns fruit;
     ⑦ fruit injury;
     ⑧ deformed fruit.
     2. Kiwifruit harvest should pay attention to matters
     Harvesting should be avoided at high temperature period, mining fruit must be specially trained staff, short nail scissors polished, fruit should be taken to wear gloves, clean lines, light light take place, such as eggs treated as carefully and avoid finger weight, throwing or rolling, at any time will be filled with boxes of fruit transferred to the shade to be transported, to avoid the sun.
5, pre-storage management
     Storage during the library to avoid fluctuations in temperature, storage requirements within 48 hours after the temperature dropped to 0 ~ 3 ℃. Determination of temperature: the temperature of the continuous measurement of the Treasury can direct the recording instrument readings can be from time to time the artificial observation, thermometer calibration once a year before, the error should not exceed ± 5 ℃, storage temperature after the first day in January the future, not less than 2 times per week, should have a detailed record of each determination.