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The focus should be on the nitrogen in the following links to enhance the management and monitoring of machines:

1, air compressor. 
    The best C-class will be the installation of filters. In order to prevent fumes entering the compressed air with low pressure air compressor running period of not more than 30 minutes, and do a good job in the operation and maintenance of exhaust fans, qualified enterprises can increase a spare blower and chain smoke. Must do a good job in water cycle management, Nitrogen Generator qualified enterprises can use the softened water and circulating water pipe in the compressor on the new scale, and to mitigate or reduce the fouling layer deposition of sediment and silt, oil-cooling to a dual oil-cooling and switch online.

2, pre-cooling. 
    Qualified enterprises to make full preparation of the two cold and dry machine, is a series of traditional WCD cold and dry machine, another is a series of energy-saving WAD - environment-friendly refrigeration dryer, or carbon dioxide concentration when the molecular sieve increased exports will be down. Cold and dry as a result of long-running machine export pipeline prone to corrosion, resulting in reduced flow area, the resistance increases, the pressure of cold and dry machine exports rise, boot in maintenance, it is recommended that the use of nitrogen adsorption tower machine reverse purge gas.

3, purified. 
    Zeolite intake to slow the smooth operation, the impact of nitrogen flow in order to prevent machine layer, resulting in access to the tower of zeolite powder to form a hazard. Zeolite pneumatic valve problems can cause fluctuations in space-division status was shutdown, the proposed selection of high reliability, an independent gas source can be built in Germany or meters PowerLeader pneumatic valves, pneumatic valves and the feedback signal should be sensitive and Once the valve resulting in an action or actions are not in place, can be a timely warning alarm.

4, pressurized aircraft. 
    Proposed to use container with a balloon or auxiliary hydraulic pump linked to the expander, once driven down through the auxiliary oil pump rotational inertia to meet the expansion of machine downtime when the lubrication requirements. Pump start conditions are generally sealed gas pressure, oil pump chain in terms of a state or an independent state should have sealed the conditions of gas pressure to start interlock. Early Nitrogen Generator neglected as a result of the launch of an independent state under the conditions, prone to accidents.

5, the liquid tank. 
    The general atmospheric pressure control tank 10KPa about the effect as a result of poor insulation, hydraulic mining fluid caused by evaporation back to the larger, smaller pipes, such as short and easy to cause a high pressure tank; emptying valves should pay attention to the incident under clearance for the gas valve, so as to avoid errors due to design or install, resulting in the accident shut down the state of decentralization and air valve, causing excess pressure tank; to strictly enforce the corresponding filling machines liquid nitrogen tanker regulations, filling of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen must not exceed 90% of tank volume; filling of liquid oxygen are recommended grounding static display devices.

6, the main cold blast. 
    The main cold blast of air separation is the most important safety management. Petrochemical enterprises CmHn the atmosphere is relatively high, the need for a daily air quality analysis; to set up a wind vane, wind direction at any time to master the four seasons; the need for nitrogen emissions and meteorological machine account for the accumulation of CanHn analysis and control; the need to air compressor export gas into the monitoring system and regular testing.

7, air-cooling tower water cycle is important to note, such as turbidity, COD, oil content, whether by adding a bubble, such as fungicides. Qualified enterprises as far as possible the proposed closed-cycle approach to take to reduce outside interference, but bearing in mind that regular replacement to prevent deterioration in water quality.

8, molecular sieve to reduce the inlet temperature as much as possible in order to enhance the capacity of molecular sieve adsorption of impurities; article even when the deterioration of the atmosphere or nitrogen discharge machine, the response to high-temperature molecular sieve regeneration, and, where appropriate, shorten the operation cycle in order to reduce as much as possible into the tower CmHn volume; to ensure complete regeneration of molecular sieve; to strengthen the monitoring of export quality molecular sieve, including the dew point. C02 and CmHn, online and off-line analysis combined with each other.