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1. Contactless equipment and calculation of nitrogen

     Contact common nitrogen-contact device for filtering nitrogen machine
     It is a hierarchical contact, applies to the handling of liquid solution. It features simple structure, easy operation.
     In accordance with the raw materials, nitrogen and detailed the different machines, operating methods can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage nitrogen Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator Multi-stage is divided into multi-level cross-flow and multi-stage counter-current nitrogen machine.

① nitrogen single-stage machine
     Nitrogen Generator for material balance quality
     Where, W-solution of the quality of solvent, kg;
     L-nitrogen quality machine agent, kg;
     Y0, Y1-Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Generator quality trough and then into, a deduction will be the quality of solution, kg (machine quality nitrogen) / kg (solvent); 
     X0, X1-Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Generator quality trough and then import and export agent in Nitrogen Generator mass ratio, kg (machine quality nitrogen) / kg (nitrogen machine agent);

② nitrogen cross-flow multi-stage machine
     If the Nitrogen Generator to meet the Freundlich isotherm equation, the solution of low concentration, nitrogen balance between machines can be written: X = KY1 / N, and, into the type (13-5), a
     Chang said the ratio of solid to liquid

② nitrogen cross-flow multi-stage machine
     It features multi-level-type solution, after stirred tank, and the slot machines are added fresh nitrogen agent, to discuss the following two cross-flow Nitrogen Generator.
     Nitrogen Generator for the quality of the material balance
     The first level W (Y0-Y1) = L1 (X1-X0)
     Second-class W (Y1-Y2) = L2 (X2-X0)
     If the balance between meeting the Freundlich equation, and X0 = 0, then
     Nitrogen Generator to save the smallest dosage, must be made for the system and the separation of certain requirements, K, n, Y0 and Y2 are constants, combined with a two-type

③ multi-stage counter-current Nitrogen Generator
     Quality of the machine for boring nitrogen balance (for a total of N-class):
     The first m-class
     Full range of
     If the balance between meeting the Frenundlich equation: Nitrogen on the machine where the secondary current, if X3 = 0, there
     First, the secondary
2. Fixed-bed nitrogen equipment

     The most commonly used fixed-bed-type machine was nitrogen separation equipment, an intermittent operation.
     Advantages: its simple structure, low cost and less wear and tear agent nitrogen machine operation easy to master, operation flexible and can be used for gas, liquid nitrogen machine, a good separation
     Disadvantages: higher nitrogen dosage machine, prone to the phenomenon of local overheating, the impact of nitrogen machine.
     Nitrogen Generator load curve and the breakthrough curve
     Nitrogen Generator load curve and the relationship between the breakthrough curve
     Calculation of fixed-bed separation Nitrogen Generator
     Assuming 5
     (1) a high mass transfer area is not saturated with nitrogen Za machine to determine the capacity of f
     (2) mass transfer area of mass transfer unit to determine the number of
     Nitrogen machines, also known as moving bed "super-nitrogen machine tower" machine, also known as nitrogen moving bed "super-nitrogen machine tower" of the raw water with low processing requirements, to facilitate operation and management.