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First, the replacement of carbon-nitrogen machine

     Use the process of carbon-nitrogen, such as improper operation and maintenance would cause poisoning. Such as: air purifiers are not equipped with pre-processing equipment or facilities are ill equipped to run, resulting in oil, water, impurities in the air directly into the absorption tower to be caused by carbon adsorption of Nitrogen Generator poisoning, serious damage analysis, the purity of nitrogen and nitrogen declined significantly. In addition up to a certain carbon-nitrogen machine service life, its purity nitrogen decreased significantly, there is no guarantee requirement. Encountered such a situation, you must consider replacing the carbon-nitrogen plane.

     PSA nitrogen use at home for more than two decades, a number of users encountered similar problems, the majority of nitrogen in accordance with the requirements of users, the company has a net success of the Soviet Union, Hangzhou oxygen, Tianyi, Feida, deep blue, the Yangtze River, dozens of times a grand nitrogen, such as conducting the replacement of carbon-nitrogen service. Thoughtful to provide customers with effective and satisfactory service. Has always been our company philosophy of service has consistently adhered to. The company's professional and technical service personnel can provide the following services:
     1. PSA Nitrogen Generator for the fault diagnosis of the technical level.
     2. Can best provide the latest technology solutions.
     3. To provide high-quality carbon-nitrogen plane.
     4. May at any time to send technical personnel to carry out technical cooperation and guidance.

Second, recycling

     1. As mentioned earlier, when the carbon-nitrogen machine operation due to improper use of processing power down there. The Company will arrange for specialized technical personnel services, on the sick machine nitrogen regeneration to restore the scientific and effective processing. In particular, users of nitrogen.
     2. After regeneration treatment, the nitrogen reduction completely up to the original level, even more than.

Third, transformation of PSA Nitrogen Generator

     PSA Nitrogen Generator has been developed to for decades. This carbon-nitrogen during the quantity and quality of machines have been greatly increased to improve. At the same time, PSA nitrogen gas production machines, energy consumption, and control the level of technology has made substantial progress. Carbon Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Generator is the core material, as it continuously improve the quality, PSA Nitrogen Generator process will be improved, PSA Nitrogen Generator for the majority of users, the company can help customers to complete the PSA Machine improvements.
     1. For the year PSA machine usage, technical analysis, technology solutions.
     2. The equipment should be modified in the following aspects have been obvious improvements: increase gas production to raise the concentration of nitrogen, reducing energy consumption, extend the service life, reduce investment costs and increase economic benefits.
     3. Modified form: may send technical personnel to the scene, the equipment can be transported to my factory, and then sent back to good.