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    PSA Nitrogen Generator (PSA Nitrogen Generator) is a carbon molecular sieve as the adsorbent, the use of pressurized adsorption, desorption of the principle of step-down from the air in the adsorption and release of oxygen, nitrogen and thus isolated from the automation equipment. Carbon molecular sieve is a kind of coal as the main raw material, after grinding, oxidation, forming, carbonation and pass through a special process from the processing, surface and interior of the cylindrical pore filled with granular adsorbent, black. 

    Carbon molecular sieve of pore size distribution characteristics to enable it to achieve the O2, N2 separation kinetics. This will enable the different pore size distribution of the gas to spread to different rates of microporous molecular sieves, and do not exclude a mixed gas (air) of any kind of gas. Carbon molecular sieve of O2, N2 is based on the separation of the role of gas dynamics of these two small differences in diameter, O2 molecular dynamics of small diameter and thus in the microporous carbon molecular sieve in the proliferation of faster speed, N2 molecules Dynamics of large diameter and thus slow the proliferation rate. Compressed air in the water and the proliferation of CO2 or less the same as with oxygen, and argon slower proliferation. Final concentration from the absorption tower is out of a mixture of N2 and Ar gas. 

    Increase adsorption pressure, can O2, N2 adsorption at the same time increase the adsorption capacity and O2, to a large number of increase. Short-cycle pressure swing adsorption, O2, N2 adsorption is far from balanced (max), the O2, N2 the difference between the proliferation rate of absorption so that the volume of O2 in a short period of time greatly exceeding the amount of N2 adsorption. 

    PSA Nitrogen Generator (PSA Nitrogen Generator) is the choice of using carbon molecular sieve adsorption characteristics of pressurized adsorption, desorption decompression cycle to turn the compressed air into the adsorption tower (single tower can also be completed) to achieve air separation, which for the output of products of high purity nitrogen. 

    Complete product model specifications are as follows: nitrogen in small machines, micro-Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator 5 cubic, 10 cubic Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator 15 cubic, 20 cubic Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator 30 cubic, 40 cubic system N-machine, 50 cubic Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator 60 cubic meters, 100 cubic Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator 150 cubic meters, 200 cubic Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator 300 cubic meters, 500 cubic Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator 1000 cubic and so on, the user can choose according to their own needs.