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1, PSA nitrogen plant is based on quality of imports for the adsorbent carbon molecular sieve, using the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) from the air separation system from nitrogen.
     Carbon molecular sieve for air separation of oxygen and nitrogen is based mainly on the role of these two gases in carbon molecular sieve on the surface of different proliferation rate. Straight
Drive a smaller gas molecules (O2) the proliferation of faster speed, more access to the microporous carbon molecular sieve. The larger the diameter of gas molecules (N2) the proliferation rate
Slow to enter the microporous carbon molecular sieve less, so that gas can be nitrogen-rich ingredients.

Therefore, the use of carbon molecular sieve for oxygen and nitrogen adsorption at a certain time difference between the amount of this property, by the automatic control system in accordance with specific programmable
Order to impose pressure adsorption, pressure to resolve the cycle to complete the nitrogen-oxygen separation, to obtain the necessary high-purity nitrogen.
Main Technical Index
Nitrogen production :1-3000Nm3 / h
:95-Purity nitrogen 99.9995% (oxygen content)
When the purity of> 99.99%, the nitrogen purification system should be configured
Outlet pressure :0.05-0 .8 Mpa (adjustable)
Dew Point: -20 ℃ ~ -65 ℃

2, oxygen pressure swing adsorption air separation is the use of high-quality zeolite adsorption of nitrogen, oxygen adsorption has not been gathered in the tower and as the product gas
Transported to oxygen tank. When the state of adsorption at adsorption tower before approaching saturation, the desorption tower decompression automatically renewable, and the other only the beginning of the adsorption tower
Preparation of pressurized oxygen adsorption. The turn of the work of two adsorption towers to complete the process oxygen.
Adsorption desorption regeneration tower, the use of atmospheric pressure that the PSA
Adsorption desorption regeneration tower, the use of negative pressure that the VPSA
◆ Main Technical Index
● desorption pressure swing adsorption (PSA) air separation plant oxygen: (generally limited to small-scale gas production)
Oxygen output: 1 ~ 100Nm3 / h
Oxygen purity: 90 ~ 93%
Outlet pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.5mpa (adjustable)
● vacuum desorption pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) oxygen air separation unit (for large-scale gas production)
Oxygen production: 100 ~ 3000Nm3 / h
Oxygen purity: 90 ~ 93%
Outlet pressure: 0.015 ~ 0.05mpa (adjustable)