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Pervaporation and vapor permeation
1. Pervaporation and vapor permeation principle
     Pervaporation of liquid mixtures is the pressure in the membrane on both sides of a role, the use of membrane separation of the mixture on the priority of a component through the membrane was characterized by selective, so that infiltration of liquid side of the priority components of penetration through the membrane, the membrane was Removal of the downstream side of vaporization, separation and purification to achieve a mixture of a new type of membrane separation technology. Vapor permeation and pervaporation process is a different process, steam penetration for the feed gas, which usually occurs in the process into the device before the steam in the process of penetration through the membrane to achieve separation and purification of the mixture.

2. Permeation flux and separation factor
     Pervaporation process according to the basic principles of transmission, components A, B penetration rate through the membrane under the type that can be used
Type (13-1), (13-2) in the second bracket can be slightly, type (13-1) divided by type (13-2), and the availability of simplified

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