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Membrane contactor

1. A type of membrane contactor
     Membrane contactor is a hydrophobic or hydrophilic porous membrane as a transmission medium, and gas absorption, liquid extraction, stripping, distillation and other processes may have a new series of membrane separation.
     By gas-liquid transfer mode are: gas-liquid type, liquid-gas type, liquid-liquid-type three.
     According to the mechanism can be divided into: membrane-based absorption, membrane-based extraction, membrane-based gas, such as membrane distillation.

2. Membrane contactor principle of transfer
     Liquid components in the transmission of membrane contactors in three steps: from feed to the membrane surface of the transfer, the microporous membrane in the proliferation of delivery, as well as the downstream side of membrane penetration of the transmission of objects.
     Membrane mass transfer coefficient and the membrane pore wetting objects, if the membrane pore wetting liquid is absorbed, the membrane mass transfer coefficient can be expressed as
     - Where, for the material to absorb liquid i in the diffusion coefficient
     If the film hole was filled with gas, which is Knudsen flow, mass transfer coefficient

3. Membrane contactors the temperature polarization
     As the membrane surface and the cold and hot side heat transfer fluid between the main resistance to hot side of the membrane surface temperature lower than the main flow temperature, the cold side of the membrane surface temperature higher than the main flow temperature, the temperature difference between membrane depolarization , can both sides of the membrane to measure the temperature difference:
     Style, the theme for the two-fluid temperature difference stream; J for the volume flux; the thermal conductivity for the film; for enthalpy; K for the overall heat transfer coefficient.


     1. Electrodialysis process of the principle of
     2. The Donnan membrane balance
     3. Electrodialysis process of the transfer phenomenon
     4. Electrodialysis Process parameters
       (1) the speed of the flow line
       (2) the limits of current and operating current density
       (3) the current efficiency of the calculation formula
       (4) desalination rate
       (5) membrane voltage
     5. Electrodialysis desalination process design and its
       (1) and its desalination electrodialysis process
       (2) desalination series to determine
       (3) to determine the actual operating current density
            A. A single paragraph more than one class or more continuous multi-stage process
            B. Part of the process cycle with the current density method for multi-level multi-segment-type the same
            C. Intermittent cyclic process
       (4) film of a few (area) basis
            A. Of continuous processes, it is assumed that a constant current efficiency, the first-class film n log
               The total number of membrane
            B. Continuous cycle of some, as long as the style of Q, c with access to the actual flow at all levels and concentrations of QR to replace cR can be obtained at all levels of a few films.
            C. Cycle of intermittent, it is assumed that the current efficiency of the inconvenience can be used on the average current density as a bulk of the operating current to replace the type (13-3) in the can.