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Dry-bulb temperature: The thermometer hung in outdoor or indoor temperature measured as the dry-bulb temperature.

Wet bulb temperature: The temperature thermometer wetting bubble bar on the gauze, and gauze immersion of the bottom water-filled container, has become a wet-bulb thermometer. Wet-bulb thermometer will be placed in well-ventilated place, so that continuous flow of air, when the thermometer for the wet-bulb temperature readings. Relative Humidity: Relative humidity is defined as a certain period of time, somewhere in the volume of air contained in water vapor with the temperature, the percentage of the volume of saturated water vapor.

Dew-point temperature: the moisture in the air capacity (moisture content) remain unchanged, through the cooling temperature to achieve the saturation temperature as the dew-point temperature. Air at dew point temperature, relative humidity of 100%, when the dry-bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, saturation temperature and dew-point temperature for the same temperature.

Gas water vapor content and the relationship between the dew-point temperature