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Category of our fossil energy has proven recoverable coal reserves account for
9217%, coupled with fluctuations in international oil prices and the severe form of environmental protection
Potential, the decision must be vigorously develop China's coal chemical industry.
Coal chemical industry, especially coal-oil requires a large amount of oxygen, its
Oxygen demand will exceed the biggest iron and steel industry with the oxygen
Households, which provided air separation industry opportunity. Following on the empty branches
Industry on how to deal with the rise of coal chemical industry, and how to seize the rare
Development opportunity, I made some immature views for everyone
1 China's coal chemical industry of the status quo and development
The meaning of the coal chemical industry 111
Coal chemical industry is based on coal as raw materials to make chemical processing of coal into
As a gas, liquid, solid and a variety of chemical products industries. It
Including coking coal, coal gasification, coal liquefaction, calcium carbide, coal -
Methanol, coal to olefins, ammonia coal, clean coal gasification technology and
Co-production system.
Coking coal: Coking coal is one of the first heat of the coal chemical industry workers
Arts, the production of coke, coke oven gas and other chemical products, is still
Is the metallurgical industry and chemical industry, an important part.
Coal gasification: gasification of coal chemical industry is the core of coal in the absence
Oxygen under the conditions of incomplete combustion synthesis gas (carbon monoxide + hydrogen
Gas), synthesis gas can be used as a gas, but also can be used as of
Further processing of raw materials to be methanol, dimethyl ether and so on.
Coal liquefaction: indirect coal liquefaction is the first gas into synthesis gas
(Carbon monoxide + hydrogen), and then through the fees - child care sub-reaction and distillation
Received from the naphtha, diesel and gasoline and other end-products; coal liquid
Is at a high temperature, high pressure conditions of coal dissolved in a solvent, and then
Carried out under a catalytic role in the hydrocracking reaction, separation by distillation
Oil products.
112 China's coal chemical industry of the status quo and development
Category of our fossil energy has proven recoverable reserves, coal accounted for
9217%, oil accounted for 519%, natural gas accounted for 114 percent, that is, "Fu
Less coal gas oil shortage. "In a structure of energy consumption, coal accounts for
7314%, hydropower accounted for 2212 percent, total oil and gas
414%. Either from reserves or consumption of view, China is
Coal as the main source of energy, should be of great importance to the coal chemical industry
. However, the 20th century as a result of the 60's made some new oil fields
And international levels is a longer period of time the low oil prices, the focus of our research
Coal Chemical Industry by transfer to the petro-chemical, coal chemical industry a number of research projects
Be suspended. At the same time, Japan, Germany and the United States continues to coal liquid
Technology research, and some into the industrial scale, and some in the completion of
The industrial pilot study as a technical reserve, South Africa's Sasol
Corporation (SASOL) is to start building the world's largest coal liquid
Over the past 20 years, due to unrest in the Middle East oil-producing region and the two continuous
Gulf War, so that surge in oil prices, while China's accession to the World Trade Group
After weaving, with the standard of living and the "world factory" status of the prescribed
Indeed, oil consumption has increased, according to the information analysis,
2015 -2020 China's crude oil imports will reach 11.8 billion ~ 21 billion
t / a. 20th century 70's 20 to 25 U.S. dollars a barrel oil prices, by
Increase in demand, the depreciation of the dollar and speculation that have been in 2008
Risen from 100 to 150 U.S. dollars, while the rise in oil prices will make our country's national
Decline in GDP, inflation rate has risen. All this forced China
Re-emphasis on coal chemical technology, forcing the search for oil substitutes in the
Imminent, and "coal oil" is the only realistic option.
Environmental pollution and global warming is beyond the energy crisis facing humanity
Another crisis. Direct combustion of coal will emit a large amount of dioxane
Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other emissions will pollute the environment and lead to temperature
Room effect, through the clean coal gasification technology can be used as the gas
Clean fuel, but also can be used as chemical raw materials, energy coal chemical industry to achieve
It can be seen, whether it is to solve environmental problems or ask
Title, the development of coal chemical industry is the trend, the correct. 80 In the early 20th century, China began to track the international coal
The new trend of technology workers, the establishment of a coal liquefaction technology research base and
With Japan, Germany, the United States to carry out technical cooperation, for coal workers
Arts and characteristics of coal liquefaction, coal company Sasol purchased indirectly
Liquefaction of the patent, the current aspects of direct coal liquefaction in China has since
Own proprietary technology, one million t / a direct coal liquefaction plant is expected to
Shenhua Group in Inner Mongolia in 2008 completed and trial production (Editor's Note:
Shenhua Group in January 7, 2009 announced: built in Inner Mongolia
Of one million t / a coal liquefaction test the success of a demonstration project). And
The same time, as the coal chemical and coal-based gasification technologies,
China has introduced a furnace Lurgi, Texaco gasifier and the coal-water slurry
Shell coal gasifier and other advanced technologies, and the digestion and absorption.
After decades of efforts, China's coal chemical industry has been long
Sufficient progress, for the remission of our oil, natural gas, such as high-quality energy
Supply and demand, the promotion of iron and steel, chemicals, light industry and agriculture, the development of fat
Play an important role.
According to relevant information, the next 13 years China's coal chemical industry
Development plan: the seven-building in the country of coal chemical industry zone, the distribution of
In China's northern, eastern and Yungui such vast areas. To resolve the coalification
Public safety of transport, planning and construction to connect the four sites of origin and
Large pipeline, with a total length 4400km. To this end, countries will invest in the scheme
1000 billion yuan, in order to achieve by traditional coal chemical industry to a modern coal chemical industry
Transfer, and coal oil, coal, methanol, dimethyl ether and coal to olefins
(Expected output is shown in Table 1) will be the focus of investment.
Table 1 China's coal-related products is expected to yield
Product Name 2010 2015 2020
Coal oil / (million t / a) 150 1000 3000
DME / (million t / a) 500 1200 2000
Coal-to-Olefin / (million t / a) 140 500 800
Coal-methanol / (million t / a) 1600 3800 6600
2 large-scale coal-chemical industry on the requirements of an air separation plant
Coal chemical industry is based on coal gasification, and coal gasification and the need for oxygen
Steam coal and coal in the water-gas reaction to produce carbon monoxide
And hydrogen, which determines the development of coal chemical industry can not be separated from oxygen. Nitrogen
As a protective gas for sealing, replacement, drying and coal lost
211 coal-chemical industry on the requirements of the number of oxygen
Coal chemical industry is by far the largest user of oxygen, the World
 the largest construction companies in South Africa's Sasol, for coal
Indirect liquefaction, with a total capacity of about 1.1 million m3 / h, which sets the capacity of 1
10.14 million for the m3 / h air separation plant is the largest regulatory
Mode of oxygen devices.
Will be formed in China in 2020 about 30 million t / a coal-oil can
Force, if the direct liquefaction and indirect liquefaction of 50%, according to Shenhua Sets
Mission and Sasol's consumption of fixed rough calculation shows that the need for matching
Air separation plant oxygen capacity of 3,550,000 m3 / h.
Gasification combined cycle (IGCC): 1 months 400MW
The IGCC plant needs 1 set of 70000m3 / h air separation plants, each
An increase of 400MW of IGCC plant by 2020 to be
Supporting capacity of air separation plant oxygen for 910,000 m3 / h.
Coal-methanol: methanol production in China in 2020 will reach 6600
Million t, add 58 million t, to be supporting the capacity of an air separation plant for oxygen
6,030,000 m3 / h.
Fertilizers: an annual output of 300,000 t of fertilizer plants, such as raw materials from oil
Replaced by coal, required to support a set of 50000m3 / h air separation plant to each
Was changed to 1 set of chemical fertilizer plant, in 2020 to support air separation system
Oxygen capacity of 650,000 m3 / h.
It can be seen that as a result of the development of coal chemical industry, 2020
Of oxygen in a total requirement of 11.14 million m3 / h, the average annual demand
Capacity of 860,000 m3 / h, far exceeding the demand for iron and steel industry.
212 coal-chemical industry on the requirements of purity oxygen
Regardless of coal oil (direct or indirect liquefaction), IGCC, fertilizer
Production of methanol or coal, oxygen are used for coal gasification. Coal gasification
Technology does not need oxygen, you can use 90% ~ 95% of the low purity
Pure oxygen, only when there are things for the extraction of user requirements or to be built when argon
Oxygen equipment, when pure oxygen at the same time building units and low-oxygen machine
Group, so to meet the different needs of both investment and energy consumption can be saved.
213 coal-chemical industry on the requirements of the oxygen pressure
Chemical oxygen as a result of coal for coal gasification, the oxygen pressure
Depends on coal gasification technology and furnace, Lurgi, Texaco and Shell
Licensing process usually oxygen pressure of 4 ~ 6MPa, it is generally chosen
Within the compression process an air separation plant.
3 China's space industry and development of the status quo
At the same time as a result of the need for large amount of oxygen, nitrogen products, coal chemical line
Industry can only use the separation of cryogenic air separation plant. Separation of cryogenic air separation
Equipment is the use of air in the boiling point difference of each component at a low temperature of space
After the liquefied gas through the distillation separation of oxygen, nitrogen, argon components.
China's space industry in 1953 from Harbin First Machinery Factory imitation
Successful system of two sets of 30m3 / h oxygen plant has gone through 55 years of
The course of development. During this period, closely follow the international space industry development,
Emerging new equipment, update and improvement of processes, work
Constant pressure to reduce energy consumption and units. The following extract from a number of air separation industry
Key to the development of events can be seen from the air separation industry, China made
Show the course and the existing level of technology.
(1) in 1958, succeeded in the development of 3350m3 / h air is divided into
Prepared using strip-type storage device processes the high and low pressure;
(2) 1966 -1970, the manufacture of the first set of 3200m3 / h
And the first set of 6000m3 / h air separation equipment, the use of stone regenerator
The whole process of low pressure;
(3) in 1975 to begin in 1500 ~ 10000m3 / h Air Separation
Devices used to switch plate-fin heat exchanger-storage device to replace the stone, so as to reduce
Small temperature difference and resistance;
(4) In 1978, Linde AG has introduced 10000m3 / h Air
Sub-equipment design, manufacturing technology;
(5) 1983 -1995, in the introduction of 28,000 ~
40000m3 / h air separation plant with the cooperation of foreign companies set up a well-known
Dollars and manufacturing;
(6) in 1989, with a pressurized molecular turboexpander
Sieve adsorption purification process at room temperature 6000m3 / h air separation plant in Jilin
Fertilizer production;
(7) In 1997, the first set and the whole use of packed column distillation without
Hydrogen-argon flow of 6000m3 / h air separation plant in Hubei steel  
Company production;
(8) In 2001, the first set and the whole use of packed column distillation without
Hydrogen-argon flow 20000m3 / h air separation plant in Jinan Steel
Corporation production;
(9) In 2002, the first set and the whole use of packed column distillation without
Hydrogen-argon flow 30000m3 / h air separation plant in Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Set
Mission operation;
(10) In 2004, the first set of 40000m3 / h within the compression process
Air separation plant in Shandong Dezhou Hengsheng Hua Lu Company production;
(11) In 2005, the first set of 50000m3 / h Air Separation Plant in the
Beitai Benxi Iron and Steel Company in full load operation;
(12) In 2006, the first set of 48000m3 / h within the compression process
Air separation unit in Anqing Petrochemical Branch completed and put into production;
(13) in 2007, the first set of 53000m3 / h within the compression process
ASU Yongcheng coal in Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group and the Group completed
2005 -2007, the domestic air separation companies signed with the user
More than 10 sets of 60000m3 / h air separation equipment supply contracts, of which 7 sets
For the coal chemical industry. The first integrated set of self -
60000m3 / h air separation plant will be in 2008 in Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Group
Completed and put into production (Editor's note: the first set of self-integrated
60000m3 / h Air Separation Plant in December 2008 had been in Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel
Group completed and put into production). Are in the process of design, manufacture 80000m3 / h
ASU grades.
Air separation plant in China in the 20th century 80's exports of Southeast Asia,
The beginning of the 21st century exports to Europe and the Middle East, the largest single export
Capacity by 6000, 10000, 15000, 20000m3 / h kept
Liters of oxygen by the end of 2005 hang with Iran signed a 2 60000m3 / h
Contracts for the supply of air separation plant, which is China's space industry to date signed
Set out in the largest export contract.
At present, large-scale air separation plant in China and abroad in the technology gap by
Further reduced, oxygen, argon extraction rate and the unit energy consumption has been very close. Also
In other words, has experienced 55 years of unremitting efforts, China has entered a
Air separation equipment, complete sets of the ranks of great powers and is to the air separation plant
Manufacture, complete sets of power forward.
4 air separation industry on how to deal with the rise of coal chemical industry
Austrians in 1952 as the invention of oxygen converter steel and lead
ASU, like the great development of industry, coal chemical industry for the rise of another
Air separation industries to provide a great development opportunity. Success requires the opportunity to drive
When people are prepared, our air separation industry must do a good heart
The rationale, technical and organizational preparation.
411 do a good job in further large-scale air separation plant of the technical preparations
Large-scale air separation plant to meet the emergence of the ministries of the national economy
Gate development, with the large oxygen converter and blast furnace of the oxygen-rich
As well as the reduction method is melting (COREX) iron, coal gasification combined
The development cycle power generation, air separation plant oxygen capacity of the stand-alone expansion
Large, at present China has with 60000m3 / h air separation plant design
And manufacturing capabilities, to meet the basic needs of the sector.
Coal chemical industry nearly one million cubic meters per hour of oxygen consumption to
Empty sub-sector, a new challenge, that is, must be large. Air Liquide
For South Africa's Sasol CTL project has provided a
14 sets of 75000m3 / h air separation plant and a set of 10.14 million m3 / h air
Separation plant, Linde AG to Saudi Arabia in 2002 provided a set of
91000m3 / h air separation plant, the United States Air Products recently
Sasol to the cartel's supply 1 set of 10.12 million m3 / h air
Separation plant. Three companies which claimed to have with a single 150,000 m3 / h
Air separation plant design, manufacturing capacity.
Of our country is concerned, for many years to come 60000m3 / h Air level
Separation plant is still demand for large-scale air separation plant in the main. At the same time,
In the coal chemical industry projects, has been how to expand production capacity stand-alone,
By reducing the number of the total area and to reduce investment, reduce to
Consumption and enhance the competitiveness of their products mentioned in the agenda.
Stand-alone expansion of production capacity is not a simple geometric amplification, we must
Technology for support, transport, structure and air distribution are
2008, Rong Cheng United Iron and Steel Group to Kaifeng Air Separation Group
Ordered a set of 82000m3 / h air separation equipment, including air compressor and
Pressurized aircraft are China-made equipment, which is the largest domestic air
Separation plant. And Shanghai Baosteel Group, the Iron and Steel Group co-Rong Cheng
To entrepreneurs for the vision and courage to provide the domestic air industry has been demonstrated
Power stage. Put into operation, if successful, this will enable the domestic air separation plant
Greatly enhance the capacity of a single step.
412 efforts to achieve air separation process with a combination of coal-chemical technology
I have talked about air separation process with a combination of IGCC technology in order to
Received the highest overall efficiency [1], in the coal chemical industry may also
To find its streaming media technology and the combination of air separation processes, to mention
Including users, including high total efficiency and reduce energy consumption. This should be
Attention and study.
413 R & D of low-purity air separation plant
Can use low-purity air separation equipment for coal in the coal chemical industry
Oxygen gasification, South Africa Sasol has that low-purity air separation
The purity of the best oxygen equipment, although Germany and Japan, the United States, France and countries to see
Law varies, but generally agreed that 80% to 95% range. According to
The work of the past data, as a result of the high tower, pressure and under motor capacity
Down, low-purity air separation plant equipment investment and energy consumption and oxygen equipment
Decreased compared to about 10%, which is a considerable cost.
I have tried to use the blast furnace blast of oxygen-enriched air is divided into low-purity
Prepared, as the converter can not be pure oxygen, such as the user's back-up equipment to each other and
Did not materialize. The coal situation is different in the chemical industry to adopt the low net
Degree of feasibility of an air separation plant some more.
To this end, the air separation industry should carry out low-purity air separation plant research
Study in order to provide users with more options.
414 to do a good job tracking services
Track is defined through the manufacturing, transportation, installation, test
Car production, the use of the whole process of tracking services, the purpose in addition to using
Family first, it is timely feedback to improve the technology and set up
Prepared. This is a win-win situation with the manufacturer the user measures. Air Liquide public
Secretary Sasol is able to win the company the exclusive total amount of 1,100,000 m3 / h
All 15 sets of large-scale air separation plant, and a 30-year time span
Years, must be because the whole do a good job tracking services, has been used
The confidence of households. To pay the human and material resources for the coal chemical industry
This user is completely worth it.
415 large compressor to speed up the process of domestic
Compared to static equipment, rotating equipment of our design,
To create a lower level, large-scale air separation plant air compressor, booster and
Most of the introduction of oxygen compressor equipment, both the increase of investment, and long
More than 20 months of delivery also affects the progress of the building. Recent
Few years, Shen Shan drum drum and compressor to accelerate a large-scale domestic production of the step-by-step
Cutting, in 48000m3 / h and 52000m3 / h air separation plant on the supporting
Domestic air compressor and pressurized aircraft, the recent drum Shaandan still 82000m3 / h
Supporting large-scale air separation unit air compressor and pressurized plane, this is a gratifying
Progress. The future of independent innovation should be further accelerated, and continuously improve the quality of
Volume and efficiency of the user's trust gradually, as soon as possible to achieve large-scale air
Sub-compressor equipment in China.
5 Conclusion
(1) China's energy structure of the fossil types of the status quo and the international oil prices
High, coupled with the grave situation of environmental protection, the decision of our will
Required to develop oil coal chemical industry, including coal.
(2) coal chemical industry will become a substitute for iron and steel industry air industry
The largest user, following the Austrian BOF invention, the coalification
Workers for the air separation industry has once again provided a great development of trade opportunities.
(3) China's space industry has been the development of 55 years for the right time
The development of coal chemical industry to carry out the technical reserves, the current should seize the machine
Case, spare no effort in the development of coal chemical industry in China's air strike
Sub-sector development.
(4) Faced with the rise of coal chemical industry in China should seize the air separation
Opportunities to accelerate the equipment of large-scale and large-scale domestic production of the step-by-step compressor
Cutting, the development of low-purity air separation plant and a combination of coal chemical air separation
New techniques, and do a good job tracking services.
[1]YANGYUAN. Air separation plant with integrated gasification combined cycle power generation combination
Select and process [J]. Cryogenic technology, 2004 (2): 125.