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British production company has recently developed a small gas detection reported
Police Explorer --- Casman, its mainly used for combustible gas, toxic gas and oxygen detection
Measurement report to the police.
Casman size is very small, portable, and extremely durable, with high
The shock resistance, the protection level to achieve IP65 / 67. When the gas monitoring
Concentration of more than alarm set value, it can issue up to 95dB (A) of
Sound alarm to the user at the same time issued an extremely bright red / blue visual warning letter
No. manner through the vibration alarm. The alarm detection with backlight LCD
Can make it easier for users to clearly see the concentration of gas readings, alarm conditions and electrical
Electricity pool situation.
It is reported that, Casman There are two types of products: one with rechargeable lithium
Pool, a charge can be maintained 12 hours of continuous work; with the use of another life
Two-year non-life rechargeable lithium batteries, can be used to toxic gas and oxygen
At the same time, Japan can be measured to develop a variety of harmful gas equipment
Agricultural Research Institute of Environmental Technology in Japan developed a new technology system, Lee
At the same time with the technology automatically detects carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide 3
Types of greenhouse gases.
The use of this equipment in the existing gas chromatograph device based on the combination of
Carbon molecular sieve, such as high-precision composite system can be detected within 10 minutes per 1ml
Three kinds of content of harmful gases. The device for detecting the occurrence of the greenhouse soil
The concentration of gas emissions and play an important role in emissions, while improving efficiency and lowering
Circle the Earth's atmosphere of greenhouse gases, methane is a greenhouse effect
20 times that of carbon dioxide, while nitrous oxide is a greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide
About 100 times. Difficult due to the separation of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, so far as
Yet only a single instrument which can simultaneously detect three kinds of gas. Investigate the Earth's greenhouse
Cases, it is necessary to grasp the correct measurements and greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases not only
With the industrialization and social activities took place, soil is also a greenhouse gas
Sources, such as soil nitrogen produced by nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas
An important component.