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Yankuang Lunan Chemical Fertilizer Plant (hereinafter referred to as: Lu of) the raw materials and
Driving force for structural adjustment of the gasification project links with the use of Lu-based
Their own intellectual property rights of the new (multi-nozzle on the home) coal-water slurry gasification
Technology, supporting a set of new oxygen production is 28000m3 / h of air separation
Equipment to provide oxygen gasification and synthetic nitrogen.
28000m3 / h air separation plant since May 8, 2007 start
Construction, June 29, 2008 qualified to produce oxygen, which lasted a total of
419 days. I took part in the whole building an air separation plant and test drive
Process is the installation of an air separation plant to process the design issues and
Analysis of the solution method for the peer reference.
A gas compressor system
111 steam turbine condensate pipeline excessive vibration
Condensing steam turbine and exhaust pump connected to the original of condensate pipeline
Design of a diameter of DN100mm, to exhaust before the adjustable device for
DN200mm, and in 7 with adjustable pre-bend, resulting in condensation
The condensate pump run-time pipeline vibration is too large, is not conducive to the safe delivery
行. In this regard, proposed condensate pipeline to pump adjustable exports ahead of schedule,
Pipe lines and slightly modified in order to reduce the number of bend. Change after the implementation of large
Great reduced the rate of condensate pipeline vibration and reduce the resistance of the pipeline
112 steam turbine condensate poor efflux
Steam condensate export pipeline in the condensate pump is not set emissions
Pipeline, a section of the region outside the condensate is only for back thermoelectric plant deaerator and
Rinse water tanks from the two channels. Water tanks to flush the pipeline diameter
DN100mm, and rinse water tanks, only the diameter of outfall
DN50mm, in the condensate for the poor outside the state, flushing cisterns
Emissions from condensate can not meet emissions requirements. ASU vote
Into the running, there is a link not as a result of timely reduction in the thermal power plant
Received less the amount of condensate state, liquid or steam turbine condenser
High, interlocking double pump condensate pump to run at the same time, resulting in a large number of condensate
Influx of high pressure to wash water tank, so that flushing water tank overpressure deformation.
In this regard, the washing water tank before the valve to reduce the use of adjustable pipe
DN50mm, at the same time in the condensate export pipeline pump retrofitting emission control
Road, and to interlock with the condenser liquid level control, effectively preventing
Only the washing water tank over-pressure situation from happening again.
113 air-pressurized aircraft start without gas source
Air separation unit air compressor system is 1 Turbine
2 drag compressor operation mode, in the driving machine 3
At the same time to start running. Air compressor air inhaled by the entrance of compression,
However, at this time, there was no air-pressurized air source, it is necessary to run a certain period of time
After the compressed air to enter the pressurized aircraft. During this period, by
Gas compressor in the absence of a state of processing high-speed operation, will create and control plane
Road, there is negative pressure on the safe operation of the negative. In this regard, according to the actual
Situation, relying on the existing air separation plant, equipped with an air pressurization of the aircraft
Intake pipeline to start in the car during the drive to provide a pressurized volume of the
Air, to prevent the idling of high-speed supercharger drive to ensure that the operation of the system .
114 air compressor filling stations without back-up smoke
Air compressor system design by 1 joint oil filling stations, but
The station set up only 1 exhaust fan. Due to the operation of the fan-shaped
Interlocking system status as a condition to be made if there are problems with
All parking spaces into the compressor system is very detrimental to an air separation plant
Wide, stable, long-period operation. To this end, wind smoke increase 1
Machine, with original exhaust fans to achieve interoperability prepared from Kai, compressed air
Machine system to provide a guarantee of long-period operation.
2 turbo-expander system
Booster Booster turboexpander returning client settings in the export pipeline
Explorer, the existence of the following questions:
(1) expander switch operation can not be normal. Domestic Office Expander
In operation, when another plane ready to start the expansion of imports, and cut
For run-time, supercharger drive to the entrance of the pressure 2185MPa, while imports
Expander was activated, the requirements of the import export expander pressure and pressure difference
Less than 115MPa, that is, the pressure can not be higher than the entrance 2MPa. This
Pressurized aircraft can only step-down operation, distillation system would be great working condition
Fluctuations. In addition, the expander was activated, the return valve must be playing
Open, this will drive the expansion of the operation of the pressurized air to the most
Less expansion mechanism significantly reduce the cooling capacity, high-pressure plate-fin heat exchanger
Balance condition will be destroyed.
(2) to the expander of the overhaul has caused great difficulties. Maintenance
Generally only the closure of pressurization and expansion of the client-side import and export valves can
Maintenance of the machines will be isolated, but because of the return distribution in the Explorer Pipeline
, The return valve must be closed before its isolation. As a result of returning
Valve but not the automatic control valve manual valve, but also set up joint parking
Lock, so do not rule out the maintenance during the instrument control system for the possibility of action.
Once the return valve to open, 412MPa side of the pressurized air leakage
Air separation plant will lead to large fluctuations in working condition.
To this end, the return of pressurized turboexpander change to the export pipeline
Valve before the return valve installed in plate-fin heat exchanger and export of valves
3 air-cooling system
Tap water in the overflow part of the tower close to the water tower
At the bottom, if you drive, the establishment of water-cooled tower water level increases slightly when
More, in the siphon phenomenon will occur, resulting in Tajikistan has joined the
Water have all been let go, have a certain influence on the car. In addition, water
Outfall location at the bottom of the cold tower too high, when in the water tower at the bottom of clean up
Can not be a large number of water and sediment discharge, only artificial drainage and
4 distillation system
411 to install the exhaust pipe of liquid oxygen pump unreasonable
Imports of liquid oxygen pump to the exhaust pipe set up by inserting pipeline imports
Part of the pipeline is too long, have reached the bottom of pipe, not only can not be achieved
Normal exhaust, and when the injection pump when the liquid oxygen rather than from the exhaust
Pipe emissions. To this end, decided to cut off the exhaust pipe and into the roots
Pipe Welding, in the location of the import control other openings will be re-scheduled
Welding on the trachea in order to reach the top of the exhaust pipe from the import requirements.
However, some left in the liquid steel tube, the pump liquid oxygen into the
I increase the resistance can only leave when parking reform overhaul.
412 piping cold box is too close to wall
Pipeline from the cold part of the tower close to the wall box, such as liquid crude argon condenser
Back on the air pipe from the cold box tower wall only about 150mm; some gas
Pipeline, a pipeline tower, analysis pipelines and liquid samples have been away from the pipeline
Small or close together side by side; the tower too close to the liquid pipeline design,
Did not allow enough space for separate insulation.
5 utility system
511 steam turbine warm-up time-consuming
Steam heating pipes in the use of thermal power plant steam 318MPa, and
From thermal power plant air separation plant to the community area of nearly 80m steamed 318MPa
Gas pipeline only set up a water drainage device was unable to meet the warm
Control needs. To this end unit designed to change the design, in the main steam
Tube into the front of the main steam turbine at the bottom of the pipe emissions increased by an inverted
Leaching device. In addition, based on past experience, the two main steam turbine
Increased in front of an exhaust pipe in order to enhance turbine warming
Tubes, the effect of warm-up to shorten the driving time. Prior to the implementation of the change,
Steam heating pipes first time about 24 hours, when in the warm-up
Steam temperature reaches 260 ℃ on the rise stagnant. The implementation of the change
More measures, warm tube time in just 6 to 8 hours of warm-up time
Under control in four hours, a significant savings of time driving.
512 is not set to air oxygen pipeline pipeline replacement
Due to an air separation plant industry sector gasification zone distance away (about
1000m), and oxygen in the common possession of pipeline, surrounded by large
Gas situation is more complicated, does not take into account in the design of oxygen after stopping
Pipeline to carry out the requirements of air replacement, pipe replacement is not set. For
Ensure the safe operation of aircraft using the air pressurized air 7MPa exports
6MPa oxygen of the replacement pipe for the oxygen pipeline safety
Provide a strong guarantee to run.
6 construction area
In the construction aspects of design changes, the units, professional
Inadequate communication between, there are problems. For example, expansion room
Rain canopy with steel tube of the elevation of the same gallery, which can not be an embedded board
Equipment; pressurized air cooler construction machine based on plans and piping located on the map
Preparation of the foundation is not the same location, the pipeline can not be an overlap with the column
Equipment; to Turbine's two steam pipe exhaust hole construction plan set aside
Figure inconsistent with the piping, so that the steam pipe of the electric solenoid valve
Cable close to the steam pipe threading pipe; exhaust valve from the valve hole of the reserved
Body close, making pipeline could not be installed, only to plug the original hole and
Re-opening in a suitable location; expander such as the need to carry out high
The basis of operation of the equipment is not provided with a ladder; buried water mains cycle
The valves, not the design of electromagnetic flowmeter valve wells.
7 Concluding Remarks
Above these problems, the only air separation plant in the installation process
Problems encountered in the part of multilateral consultations, communication, the vast
Part of the problem has been effectively resolved, air separation plant since 2008
June 28 has been officially running, running stability, and achieved the expected .