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Modern coal liquefaction projects to achieve economies of scale, the scale of construction of non -
Often large, industrial gas usage is also very alarming. 3,000,000 t / a coal-oil
Levels of direct coal liquefaction technology, hydrogen from coal and oxygen consumption of routes
To 200,000 m3 / h, the highest amount of nitrogen reaches 160,000 m3 / h. 1.8 million t / a
Levels of methanol into olefins indirect coal liquefaction project to achieve the oxygen consumption
240,000 m3 / h, the highest amount of nitrogen up to 170,000 m3 / h.
Direct coal liquefaction in the high-pressure conditions can be achieved, in the process
And open lay-off should be used when a high pressure nitrogen. Reactor, tower, etc.
To achieve the operating pressure 8MPa, individual equipment closer to the pressure of 20MPa.
Indirect coal liquefaction, and hydrogen production using coal direct liquefaction process routes have to use gas
Furnace, so the pressure of oxygen is as high as 5 ~ 815MPa.
In addition, as a result of a long process of coal liquefaction technology, process types, and after
The complexity of the processing device, so the use of industrial gases more pressure levels. Oxygen
Generally be divided into the gasification with high-pressure oxygen and post-processing devices, the low-pressure oxygen
Gas. The pressure of nitrogen levels were up to 20, 8, 512, 215, 018,
0145MPa 6 species.
Industrial gas liquefaction projects in the construction of production facilities requirements:
(1) indirect coal liquefaction projects and the use of coal direct liquefaction of hydrogen line item
Heads have to use oxygen as a raw material, therefore the production of industrial gas installations in the coal liquid
Projects is an important process in the device, is responsible for the production and distribution of a large number of process
Materials. Air inhaled in ensuring security of raw materials under the premise of the whole plant to make the Health
Simple production processes, investment and covers an area of conservation, the requirements as far as possible, the whole plant layout
Compact. As a result of large-scale use of steam turbine-driven compressor of raw materials, in terms of cloth
Home when they consider the relationship between the location of CHP. It is necessary to prevent the atmosphere
Hazardous materials and contamination, but also as close as possible to the boiler and narrow spacing.
(2) of the gasifier as a result of higher oxygen pressure (5 ~ 815MPa),
In addition, the liquid oxygen within the compressed air separation process technologies become increasingly popular and mature, liquefaction
Projects in the production of industrial gases, air separation plants are generally used within the compression process.
(3) the use of coal liquefaction projects in high demand for industrial gases, the current single large
Type compressors and air separation equipment is difficult to meet. Implementation of the project in order to reduce wind
Insurance, would generally be applied at the same time setting sets the mode of an air separation plant to enhance the work
Gas production industry, the overall reliability, but the use of multiple sets of air separation equipment of the shortcomings in the
And investment in the area increased.
(4) the construction of coal liquefaction projects are usually rich in coal resources in remote areas,
Mainly the use of coal-fired steam boilers for their own use of electricity, the steam injection
Adequate source. To reduce the driving force for the types of conversions brought about by the complexity and the process of wear and tear,
The general use of steam as the drive directly.
(5) The coal liquefaction project will require a lot of use of industrial gases, so workers
Industry investment in gas production facilities throughout the greater proportion of projects. Such as coal
Direct liquefaction project hollow separation of the total construction investment reached 6% ~
8% indirect coal liquefaction project more as a result of post-processing device, the total air separation plant
Slightly lower proportion of investment in general.