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Petroleum and chemical industry, "Eleventh Five-year" strategic focus on structural adjustment, technical
Operation progress and sustainable development, the growth rate remained at 7%, of which crude oil
Production average annual growth of 3% to 4% (including the foreign share of the oil), natural gas production flat
Both annual growth l8% ~ 20%. Oil refining and ethylene is the leading oil and chemical industry and the
Core: Refining is mainly structural adjustment, improve the level and efficiency of the refining process;
To increase the total production of ethylene to form a number of world-class smoke-free lump coal as the raw material
Enterprises, the use of local low-cost coal and advanced coal gasification technology to transform,
In the natural gas and coal-rich regions will also be building a number of large-scale nitrogen fertilizer equipment
Set; phosphate fertilizer industry to transform the existing business and expand and accelerate Yunnan,
Guizhou phosphate and compound fertilizer base construction; potash fertilizer industry should strive to enhance domestic capacity, plus
Fast Qinghai, Xinjiang, potash fertilizer base. "Eleventh Five-Year" period of foreign investment stone
Oil-chemical industry is still hot, such as oil refining and ethylene as the leading oil-based
Engineering projects.
In addition, China joined WTO, export of equipment for the chemical industry to create a plane
Encounter, especially the rubber machinery exports prospects.
"Eleventh Five-Year" period is the chemical equipment industry a good period of development,
Initial projections chemical equipment industry trends are summarized as follows:
(1) The advantages of the traditional brand-name products are still a good market, such as large
Synthetic ammonia and urea plant in the high-pressure vessel and other major equipment.
(2) Petroleum chemical energy-saving technological transformation and product structural adjustment programs
The equipment will need to have more room for development, such as chemical fertilizer plant in the coal slurry gasification
Furnace (Texaco furnace) and so on.
(3) energy-saving, high efficiency unit equipment will be the development trend of chemical equipment.
Energy conservation is the future development of the basic national policy, energy saving, high efficiency unit equipment in the future there are
Large market demand, should be used as important product development direction.
(4) environmental protection equipment to develop innovative chemical engineering equipment, a new growth point. Equipment
Enterprises should make efforts to develop a number of waste gas, waste water, waste residue treatment and utilization,
Of equipment with independent intellectual property.
(5) has brought large-scale petrochemical plant equipment, large-scale, such as PVC
Demand for ethylene polymerization reactor plant to achieve 85 ~ 110m3, pesticides, paint and pharmaceutical
Enterprises need a glass-lined reactor and storage tank have become increasingly large volume, soda ash and phosphorus
Fertilizer companies need to filter also to the development of large size.
(6) export of products and has great potential to replace imported products, such as rubber and plastic
Machinery and equipment have good export prospects, the ion-exchange membrane caustic soda electrolysis device
Tank better market demand.
(7) Petroleum and chemical products storage and transportation equipment, there is a specific market share.
Railway Tank Car, Tank Truck varieties will continue to expand to meet the needs of different oil and
Chemical products transportation needs; container transport in the ascendant is the expansion of exports