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In April 1988 the State promulgated the GB 8982-88 "Medical Oxygen
Gas ", GB 8986-88" Medical oxygen and air breathing test side
Law "two standards; October 1998 enactment of the above two criteria
Revised standard. Under the new provision would require the adoption by the liquid oxygen liquid oxygen
Filling pump for Medical Oxygen by vaporization.
So part of the air separation plant oxygen production of jointly manufacturing factory
The old air separation unit (mainly the medium-pressure process) to transform, producing
Medical Oxygen. Most of which are on the old 150rn3 / h air separation equipment
Transformation, fewer Medical Oxygen yield ranged from 2 to 3 bottles / h, the most up to
20 bottles / h, generally continuous production of 10 bottles / h or so. According to the user
Medical Oxygen gas required for different modification processes, equipment and operation are also
Different. The old 50rn3 / h air separation plant for Medical Oxygen transformation
The user is much less, and many manufacturers fail to achieve the effect, after transformation
Fruit, generally only intermittent production of Medical Oxygen 1 ~ 2 bottles / h, and the
Distillation is not very stable condition.
Tongjiang County People's Hospital in Pakistan in the region to secure a pro-poor options
Head, according to the user's intention, like a set of new air separation plant, the sooner the
The better, Medical Oxygen demand 10.002 million bottles a month, and have
A certain degree of industrial oxygen-market and funds are very limited.
In view of the user's special circumstances, the new one set 50rn3 / h Medical
The higher oxygen cost of equipment will be used as Industrial Oxygen Medical Oxygen Sales, Production
Costs are significantly improved; if a new one set 50rn3 / h of industrial oxygen equipment they
Medical Oxygen can not be produced. Therefore recommended to the user Sichuan Air 50rn3 / h
Air separation plants to add the appropriate equipment for a reasonable rectification, every 1h
Can produce 2 to 3 bottles of Medical Oxygen.
A process design
1.1 the old 50m. / H air separation plant processes
The air was purified by two routes: the way around the tube into the Lord
Heat exchanger and the reflux of nitrogen, oxygen, heat, and the other way into the fraction
Heat exchanger with the reflux of the distillate re-heat convergence. Confluence and then divided into two
Unit: One force after cooling by the expansion of the mechanism involved in the next column distillation; another
Stocks into the next primary heat exchanger and the reflux of nitrogen, oxygen and heat transfer through the section after the
Flow throttling valve V1 into the next after the distillation tower to participate. The next top of the tower was
To the nitrogen, nitrogen being the main cold condensation of liquid oxygen into the next after the top of the tower
Then tank to solve part of the return of fluid as the next column; the other part after a cold
Nitrogen cooled reflux device is cutting into the top of the tower as the tower
Returning fluid. At the bottom of the next tower to obtain oxygen-enriched liquid air, through the cooler is
Reflux nitrogen cooling, the throttle into the distillation tower in central involvement; in
Nitrogen products have been on the top of the tower, after cooler, upper and lower primary heat exchanger re -
Hot out of the cold box; in the bottom of the tower to obtain oxygen, by the main heat exchanger heat recovery
A cold box, in the appropriate location on the tower by the fraction of heat extraction fraction of Yi Gu
Re-heat a cold box device. The process shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 Old 50m3 / h air separation plant flow chart
El, on a heat exchanger El, under God, look at a fraction of the primary heat exchanger heat exchanger E2 a water seal device cl click w0l40l

C2 a tower on the Tower
K a main condenser E, rl a piston expander E3 a subcooler GBl40l a storage bag 0cl40l an oxygen compressor

Fl40l a Filling
2.2 replaced with a part of the Medical Oxygen of the air separation unit process
Increase the liquid oxygen pump, Filling, high-pressure oxygen heat exchangers, liquid oxygen over
Cooler, the corresponding valves and pipes and pipe fittings, air purification after renovation
Gas sub-3-way: all the way around the tube into the primary heat exchanger and the reflux of nitrogen
Gas, oxygen, heat, heat all the way into the distillate fractions with reflux
Heat transfer, and the other way and being the increase in high-pressure oxygen heat transfer. 3-way merging re -
Is divided into two stocks, a surge of cold by the expansion of the mechanism involved in post-refined into the next tower
Distillation, and the other stocks into the next primary heat exchanger and the reflux of nitrogen, oxygen exchange
Heat after the expenditure is reduced by the throttle valve V1 into the next distillation tower to participate. At
Under the top of the tower to be nitrogen, nitrogen being the main cooling of the liquid oxygen condensation backward
Into the liquid pool under the top of the tower then some as the next tower reflux liquid, and the other ~ Ministry
Minutes after a cold nitrogen gas cooled reflux device was cutting into the top of the tower,
Back on the tower as a liquid; the bottom of the next tower to obtain oxygen-enriched liquid air, by
Been reflux subcooler nitrogen cooling, the throttle into the participation of the Central Tower
Distillation; in the top of the tower to obtain nitrogen products, through the cooler, upper and lower
Re-heat out of the main heat exchanger cold box; in the bottom of the tower to obtain oxygen, by the main
Re-heat a heat exchanger cold box; the same time, at the bottom of the main cold-drawn amount of the liquid
Oxygen, would be the appropriate place on the tower distillate collected at the moment too cold, pressure re -
The high-pressure oxygen heat recovery heat Filling out the cold box has been re-heat oxygen fraction
And then the fraction re-heat a heat exchanger cold box. Flow shown in Figure 2.
2 Device debugging
Complete sets of equipment have been designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, the final
To achieve the desired objectives. Conducted a total of four times to drive to debug.
The first, conducted in May 2004, air compressors, molecular sieve
Purification systems, oxygen compressor, storage bag and charging devices are stand-alone debugger into
Power; expander and cold boxes in the joint debugging, the escaping liquid oxygen significantly
Presence of carbon dioxide by molecular sieve analysis failed.
After the replacement of molecular sieve, in July 2004 for the second tune
Test, produce 50m / h of industrial oxygen, oxygen-producing industries to achieve the contract
Quantity indicators; Medical Oxygen can only intermittent production, yield a bottle / h.
After repeated examinations, suspected cold enough to run pump head cold serious.
Increasing the vaporization of liquid oxygen and liquid oxygen pump recovery unit cold box after being
In September 2004 a third debugging, can produce 50m / h Industrial
Oxygen; 1h4Omin produce two bottles of Medical Oxygen. Analysis found again and again
June 1, 2005 8: O0 check into the air compressor, exhaust valve
After the fourth debugging. 9:45 start air compressor, cold case heated up
Purge and adsorber heating; at 1:56 on June 2 to start expander,
3:40 As the circulating water temperature is high and expansion machine Jin, exhaust valve leakage has been
Forced shutdown; June 4 issue of processing the gas leakage at the same time added to the cooling
Water, at 9:30 on June 4 to start air compressor and expander, 17: O0-opened
The beginning and carries oxygen to adjust the output. 22: O0 parking due to the water temperature is too high; 6
5, added on the cooling water, at 8:08 start the air compressor and expander,
13: O0 began sending oxygen; 21: O0 shut down again due to high water temperature.
This drove industrial oxygen 25m / h, a total of 24 bottles filled Medical Oxygen (ie,
3 bottles / h).
According to the fourth driving debugging situation, all devices are running
Well, Medical Oxygen yield 3 bottles / h, to reach the contract targets, the final full
Foot two conditions of the contract requirements.
Three different operational parameters of the control conditions
50m / h air separation plant operating parameters in different operating conditions in Table 1.
Four different operating conditions operation points
(1) a reasonable allocation of air into the primary heat exchanger, heat transfer fraction
Devices and high-pressure oxygen flow heat exchangers to ensure the re-heat results more reasonable.
(2) a reasonable allocation of gas into the expander. The feed rate varies from refrigeration
Less, the feed rate will cause more complex enough heat loss is too large, but Shadow
Ring Medical Oxygen production.
(3) The extraction fraction of the amount due, is too large then the effect of oxygen production,
Too little as the undercooling of liquid oxygen is smaller pump head prone to cavitation.
(4) According to Medical Oxygen production to readjust the compressor discharge pressure,
Will be the primary cooling liquid to 55 ~ 60em began after pre-cooling liquid oxygen pumps,
And start the pump; According to adjust the height of liquid oxygen converters.
Thus changing the pump's output capacity, liquid level must be controlled at 40 ~
50em. In order to surface relatively stable, generally oxygen bottle pressure in the
0.1 ~ 5MPa, it will be transferred to inverter 350 ~ 450I-Iz; pressure in the
5 ~ IOMPa, the drive transferred to 450 ~ 550I-Iz; pressure in the 10
~ 15MPa, the drive transferred to 550 ~ 700I-Iz.
(5) Medical Oxygen Filling the period can not be away from the people, always observe the Filling
Situation. Once the pressure is not increased because of gas pump head occurs
Corrosion, immediately stop blowing except pump valve to open populations; after they have been blowing the liquid when
Start the pump again, and blowing except valve.