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China has a vast, different parts of the climate, temperature and altitude
Highly varied widely. The changing external environment for small mobile system
Oxygen-nitrogen car will seriously affect the normal work, but also to the operator with a
To a number of peculiarities. In this paper, KL. 15A-type oxygen nitrogen cart
In the 3575m plateau unsealed test, will plateau environment for oxygen system
The impact of nitrogen car to work and operation of the main points to do a brief introduction.
Oxygen a high altitude environment on the impact of nitrogen car to work
1.1 The impact of low pressure plateau
(1) plateau of thin air, air compressor discharge pressure and exhaust
Volume would be affected. By the air compressor compression ratio restrictions, air compressor
A corresponding decrease in exhaust pressure, air volume decreased. According to the local
Atmospheric pressure, the operator need to adjust the compressor's automatic step-up and the
Unloading pressure, compression ratio does not exceed its maximum design value (16),
Thus ensuring the screw compressor from damage. If the local atmospheric pressure
Power is too low (for example, at an altitude of 3700m and above), the largest contractors in the compression ratio
By means either of them can not meet the requirements of the establishment of working conditions, it would take on a separate
Device on the air compressor pressurized air into the El pre-pressurized in order to increase into the
Gas pressure to ensure the compressor discharge pressure and oxygen gas to maintain the system
Nitrogen cars work.
(2) The decrease in atmospheric pressure also affect the safety of turbo-expander
工作. First, the oxygen with nitrogen expander car fans brake,
Decrease in atmospheric pressure, resulting in reduced braking fan's inlet air quantity, so that
Braking effect of its lower speed along elevated expansion machine. Expander
The designed maximum speed of 62000r/min, when working on the plateau may be
Speeding. The second is expansion machine bearing the exhaust gas from the compressor through the reduction
Pressure device provided after decompression, due to reduced compressor discharge pressure, decompression
After the bearing gas pressure will correspondingly decrease, it may not meet Expander
Application requirements.
In addition, because the plateau thin air, electric heat dissipation problems
Should attract enough attention. The majority of oxygen nitrogen electric car pass
Over air cooling, electric heat dissipation is poor, may give rise to electrical Bureau
Department of overheating.
1.2 plateau of large temperature difference between day and night
(1) ambient temperature changes, will make the export of air pre-cooling unit
The corresponding changes in air temperature increases, causing the air temperature wave into the tower
Move, affecting the stability condition.
(2) The large temperature difference between day and night, can also cause changes in the amount of air processed,
Conditions affecting stability.
Two operation points
2.1 Preparation before driving
In the plateau environment, the normal operation of the machine to a large extent
Depends on this work correctly. Thus, in oxygen (nitrogen)
The former, in addition to careful and meticulous "use the maintenance manual," which stipulated
The preparatory work, the right equipment for high altitude work
The impact should focus on doing the following work.
(1) adjusting the pressure screw compressor unloading and automatic step-up pressure
Force. Vehicle to establish a nitrogen oxygen oxygen conditions, there must be sufficient
The air volume. Projections through the process, given the compressed air resistance along the way
Force of the pressure drop caused by the need to exhaust pressure compressor
0.916MPa. For example, in 3575m altitude, measuring the local atmospheric pressure
Force of 0.0658MPa (A), to meet the air compressor discharge pressure to
Demand, air compressor compression ratio required 14.9. Taking into account the pressure fluctuations
The impact on the operating conditions should be left margin. Designed to set the pressure unloading
To 0.98MPa, at this time was 15.9 compression ratio, automatic boost pressure
Is 0.86MPa. Therefore, before testing according to the local atmospheric pressure
Calculate and readjust the compressor's automatic step-up and unloading of the pressure.
(2) air compressor operation, should clear the air compressor air filter
In the dust. Remove the molecular sieve adsorber exit filter, clear
In addition to the filter of the zeolite powder, and clean as possible by
Low resistance of compressed air along the way, so that export to the distillation column of air compressor
Between the pressure drop does not exceed the normal range of 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa, which
Tap into the air pressure to ensure working conditions comply with requirements.
(3) to take measures to prevent the expansion of machine damage due to speeding. To
Ensure the expansion of machine operations does not exceed the maximum speed, braking style should be increased
Machines into the gas. The oxygen nitrogen car fan installed in a post-consumer
Acoustic devices can be removed through the muffler to reduce the resistance, to achieve enhanced
The purpose of braking effect. Through practice, this measure can be reduced to
Low speed is about 2000r/min. In addition, check before you start the expander
Check whether the bearing gas pressure 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa range. If less than the
0.5MPa, will have to adjust the valve so that air bearing pressure of work
As required.
(4) The ambient temperature is too high at high-power electrical equipment attached to
Close-up deployment fan to speed up the flow of air to increase the thermal efficiency '
Fruit. In order to ensure the normal operation of electronic control box should be based on the ambient temperature
Changes in a timely manner through the car air-conditioning to regulate the operation of the indoor temperature. --
2.2 run-time operation of the main points
(1) In the start-up phase, due to expander inlet pressure and the gas under the
Down, expander cooling capacity will be affected, which gives cold distillation column
Bring about the accumulation of certain degree of difficulty. Therefore, the bypass valve should be closed sewage nitrogen
V5, will process the whole volume of air into the distillation column to increase the expander
The cooling capacity, speed up the accumulation of cold tower and shorten the start-up time.
Of course, should also ensure that an expander is not overdrive.
(2) The oxygen purity of the product in order to shorten the adjustment time, when the primary cooling liquid
Liquid oxygen slowly up to 7 ~ 8cm when, you can adjust the purity. If
Up to 15cm in the liquid oxygen liquid oxygen began to adjust the product purity,
Will increase the time to adjust, thus prolonging the start-up time.
(3) the end of start-up phase into the liquid oxygen conditions, the relevant parameters
Number as follows: air pressure 0.9MPa into the tower above, tower pressure on Paul
Maintained at 0.32 ~ 0.34MPa between the expander outlet temperature maintained at
One about 190oC.
(4) liquid nitrogen liquid oxygen conditions change according to the normal operation condition sequence and side
Law, the relevant data control is as follows: air pressure into the tower
0.9MPa around the tower pressure maintained at 0.68 ~ 0.75MPa.
(5) The transfer of gas liquids operating mode conditions, we should pay attention to open slowly
V102 valve (compressed air into the cold heat recovery valves) to regulate the
Good V101 valve (processed air into the plate-fin heat exchanger valve), V102
Valve (High Pressure Processing of air into the heat exchanger valves) of the opening, so that empty into the tower
Large fluctuations in air temperature does not occur. Recovery of the export of cold heat exchanger
Air temperature should be controlled in a 130 ℃ ~ 1 150 ℃ range.
(6) Plateau test the product yield is relatively low, the gas when operating conditions
The corresponding off to a small liquid oxygen into the liquid oxygen valve V12, and reduce the liquid oxygen pump to switch
Speed, adjust the frequency converter between 20 ~ 35Hz; or liquid oxygen
Pump intermittent work, lack of fluids to prevent damage to the liner liquid oxygen pump plunger.
3 Conclusion
Plateau special environment, oxygen nitrogen would be the normal operation of vehicle
Have a certain impact, but as long as according to the characteristics of the plateau, pre-made
Good related work, in the operation, close attention to pressure, temperature and speed
Changes, and timely adjustments, in priority to ensure product purity premise.
Under the fight for output, oxygen, nitrogen operation can be conducted smoothly.