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PSA Nitrogen Generator
Working Principle

  PSA (the PSA) is a new gas separation technology, its principle is the use of gas molecules of different molecular sieve "Absorption" of the differences in performance will be separated from gas mixtures. It is based on the air as raw materials, using a high-performance, high on the selection of solid nitrogen and oxygen adsorbent selective adsorption performance of the air out of nitrogen and oxygen separation. Carbon molecular sieve nitrogen and oxygen on the role of the separation is based mainly on these two gases at the surface of carbon molecular sieve different proliferation rate, the smaller the diameter of the gas (oxygen) the proliferation of faster, more solid phase into the zeolite. This gas can be nitrogen-rich ingredients. Period of time, the molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen balance, in accordance with carbon molecular sieve pressure in different gases on the adsorption of different adsorption characteristics of carbon molecular sieve to reduce stress so that the lifting of the oxygen adsorption, the process is called regeneration. PSA the two towers used in parallel, alternating compression and decompression of renewable Absorption to obtain a continuous flow of nitrogen.
  Raw materials of air compressed by the compressor into the air tank after the class, the majority of the oil, water, dust attached to the container wall into the tank at the end and regularly from the sewage discharge valve, into the part with the flow of compressed air purification system.

  Air purification system is cold and dry machine and the accuracy of three different filters and an oil remover composition, as well as through the frozen dehumidifier filters from coarse to fine to the liquid water in compressed air, oil, and clean the dust filter so that the compressed air pressure dew point down to 2 ~ 10 ℃, the oil content to 0.001PPm, dust filter to 0.01μm, guaranteed access to raw materials PSA nitrogen gas clean machine.

  After purifying the air after a two-road access to both the adsorption tower, respectively, through the pneumatic valve on nitrogen machine automatically switches to the alternate adsorption and desorption, this process will be the majority of nitrogen in the air with a small portion of the separation of oxygen and rich emptying the air of oxygen. Nitrogen concentration at the top of the tower from the pipeline after the class of nitrogen transported to storage tanks, and the gas meter point after.
Technical Features

  1. the air from natural raw materials, only compressed air and power to provide nitrogen to the system. Equipment and low consumption, low running costs.
  2. adjust the purity nitrogen Convenience, nitrogen purity nitrogen only by the effects of displacement, general purity nitrogen at between 95% -99.99% arbitrary adjustment; high-purity nitrogen machine at between 99% -99.999% arbitrary regulation.
  3. a high degree of automation equipment, quick aerogenes can be unmanned. Start, click Shut Down button, the boot 10 to 15 minutes of nitrogen production.
  4. equipment process is simple, small form factor device structure, covers an area of less adaptable installations.
  5. special cylinder clamping device, avoiding the impact of high pressure gas stream cause of the phenomenon of molecular sieve powder, which will automatically overrun alarm sound and light.
  6. digital flow meter with pressure compensation, high-precision industrial process monitoring of secondary instruments, with the instantaneous flow and the function of a cumulative basis. (Optional)
  7. analyzer imports online detection, precision, maintenance-free. (Optional)
Product advantages

  After years of research and development, testing and application, our PSA nitrogen in the field of technology have a number of unique advantages:

Standard Function Deployment:

  1. a compact molecular sieve bed alarm, the second self-locking function pressed;
  2. Quick Start - the cold / hot start function;
  3. the parameters of online display, data port is reserved;
  4. multi-function alarm General (purity, pressure, etc.);
  5. failed to cut off Products / emptying (user specified);
  6. stop control.

Intelligent control configuration:

  1. a standard feature of all the functions of configuration;
  2. PC functionality - Windows-based operating platform, you can achieve the basic PC operation;
  3. touch-screen dynamic display and storage;
  4. Paperless Recorder Analog;
  5. three-level password protection (operating class / class director / manager level), to prevent the misoperation;
  6. adjust operating parameters online;
  7. three-level maintenance and repair tips - notice / tips / protection of self-locking;
  8. instrument calibration tips;
  9. data transmission figure shows FarEasTone (broadband / dial-up);
  10. system upgrades online;
  11. to facilitate docking with the DCS system.
Energy-saving control configuration:

  1.intelligent control of all configuration of the function;
  2.automatic shielding function, the external environment to effectively prevent the interference of the control system;
  3. PDC function (Pressure-Difference Control) - Energy-saving control pressure;
  4. VFC function (Variant Frequency Control) - Energy-saving variable frequency control.

Stability control configuration:

  1. energy-saving control of the entire configuration of the function;
  2. PID output function (Proportion Integral Differential) - the purity and flow features and stability.


1. SMT Industry

  Nitrogen reflow and wave soldering, nitrogen can be effectively curbed by the oxidation of solder, welding improve wettability, to speed up the rate of reduction of the wettability of the resulting solder ball to avoid the bridge and reduce welding defects, welding quality to be better. The use of nitrogen is greater than the purity of 99.99 or 99.9%. Most at home and abroad Weiton Nitrogen reflow and wave soldering equipment manufacturers, has for many well-known electronic manufacturers SMT hundreds of sets of supporting cost-effective PSA Nitrogen Generator, in the SMT industry, with its huge customer base, SMT industry for more than 90 percent share.

2. Application of semiconductor silicon industry

  Semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing process to protect the atmosphere, cleaning, recycling and other chemicals. Weiton manufacturing the world s first silicon for the semiconductor industry-specific PSA Nitrogen Generator, the success of replacing the liquid nitrogen, the system no longer intermittently in Hong Kong over the past two years running.

3. Application of semiconductor packaging industry

  Nitrogen package, sintering, annealing, restore, store. Victoria pass PSA Nitrogen Generator to assist the industry category of major manufacturers in the competition to win the opportunity to realize the value of an effective upgrade.

4. Application of the electronic components industry

  Selective Soldering with nitrogen, purge and packaging. Inert nitrogen science has been proved to be the protection of the success of the production of high quality electronic components essential an essential aspect.

5. Chemical industry, industrial applications and new materials industries

  Nitrogen in the chemical process used to create an atmosphere of oxygen, improve the safety of production processes, such as fluid power source. Oil: pipeline system can be applied to containers, such as nitrogen purge, Nitrogen storage tank, replacement, leak detection, flammable gas protection, but also applies to diesel hydrotreating and catalytic reforming.

6. Powder metallurgy, metal processing industry, the application of heat treatment industry

  Steel, iron, copper, aluminum annealing, charring, high temperature furnace protection, metal parts assembly and the low temperature, such as plasma cutting.

7. Food industry application of the pharmaceutical industry

  Mainly used in food packaging, food preservation, food storage, drying and sterilization of food, medicine packing, medical replacement gas, medical transportation, such as the atmosphere.

8. Other field of use

  Apart from the use of nitrogen in these machine industries, in coal mines, injection molding, brazing, Nitrogen tire rubber, rubber vulcanization, and many other fields have also been widely used. With the advancement of technology and social development, the use nitrogen plant more and more extensive areas, on-site gas (nitrogen machine) for its investment, the use of low cost, ease of use has been gradually replaced by liquid nitrogen evaporation, bottled nitrogen and other traditional methods for nitrogen.
Technical parameters