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Oxygen products, intense competition, we are not in Guangzhou
Exception. In 1986 there are eight sets of small-scale air separation unit (iSO inVh
Below), sales bitterly fought battle, each drawing users, down
Price 'concessions, the result can not be normal maintenance equipment, gas cylinder ankwe
Management out of control, stop-and-open-open, energy waste, low efficiency.
1987 URBAN authorities saw the situation, with regard to
The city's two major units of the main oxygen generator set up 7. Guangzhou oxygen
Oil and gas production joint venture management committee, canthus coordinate Guangzhou
Oxygen production and storage sales work. Well the system of heat treatment plant in Guangzhou
Oxygen plant was renamed the oxygen a plant in Guangzhou, Guangzhou chemical air separation
Car Q renamed Guangzhou Oxygen Plant. At that time, we are under the temperature
State industrial Lian market conditions, also believes that the full set of l50m '/ h
An air separation plant on the line, followed by the implementation of two rotation production, integration
A scheduling, a production and an overhaul. Of such a set up
Preparation of the Qing load production, reduce T power consumption and reduce the cost of 7.
Well have the power to counties willing to pay some high consumption of small air separation units, mining
Check price, set-point supply. In such a mining slightly under a
These high consumption and a small air separation cut-off 7, as the CMC's sales points
From the end of seven oxygen supply to the chaotic situation in Guangzhou.
Joint production management, not only improves economic efficiency,
Also contributed to social benefits. Through economic means, eliminating the high -
Consumption of small units, saving a lot of energy 7. According to statistics, the whole
Saving lOO million-year degree. Cylinder management is formalized, and centralized
A bat numbers, filing, inventory and so smoothly. Equipments
Full maintenance and technical in transformation, the energy use of the An-kui,
Panicle production, high-yield on the.
Into the l992 year, according to market needs and rational distribution,
In the oxygen coordination of Joint Management Committee, under the current (August 1992)
Has opened two sets of 150 m. / H, two sets of SO m / h air separation equipment,
To meet the market supply. Our joint venture production management,
Is a product of reform is now in the Introduction, is willing to explore with their peers total