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The two sets of air separation plant, the total oxygen capacity of 26000m / h, KDON. 10000/8500 Air Separation
Equipment built in the 20th century, 80 years, and the other set of KDON a 14000 /
28000-type air separation plant in 1999, built in 2000 by car
With the company-wide promotion and application of various technological innovations, methanol system
Integration and expansion ammonia system have carried out reform, Texaco gasifier
An increase in oxygen demand than ever before, while the air compressor's displacement by the temperature
A greater impact on the amount of air in winter can also manage to maintain the system, high-load transport
The need for line in summer the amount of air is obviously insufficient, gasifier regular reduction
Run. Therefore, the oxygen air separation ability and stable operation of a gas
Furnace as well as methanol production bottlenecks. In order to increase the amount of oxygen products,
To maximize the potential of air separation equipment, distillation seek the most effective
Dahua, the technological transformation of the air compressor system.
An addition of two small air compressor
At present two sets of air separation plant oxygen production capacity of 60m / d (in
Liquids production dollars). If the corresponding reduction in oxygen production, can increase the oxygen
Gas production, but the resulting annual value of nearly 1,000 million of liquid oxygen produce
Benefits will be greatly reduced. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, combined with machine
Unit operation and actual operation experience, by increasing the amount of people to mention the air tower
High oxygen production, become an economically viable technological transformation program.
1.1 Equipment Selection
10000m / h air separation plant to increase in the previous transformation
Taiwan had a piston-type air compressor, but the unit more vulnerable parts, maintenance
A large amount of hit tanks, and other failures have often occurred in the past two years has been in the newspaper
Abolition of the state. Therefore, the selection unit, the lessons of past experience
Lessons, but also focus on long-period unit safe and stable operation. The
Repeated visits, the finalization of the use of two single-screw-type Air Injection
Machine, its main performance parameters in Table 1.
Table 1 injection single-screw-type compressor performance parameters
Item Parameter
Model SRC. 25O/34O
Displacement / (m / min) 45
Exhaust Pressure / MPa O. 7
Gas temperature / ℃ 40
Exhaust gas temperature / ℃ 102
Type B35
Power / kW 250
Motor Speed / (r / min) 2970
△ type direct way to start to start
Voltage / V 6Oo0
Transmission Couplings
Gas oil content / 10 "(O.1
Cooling water / (m / h) 10
1.2 Process Description
The air through the air filter, unloading valve into the compressor and injected into
Compressor oil mixture is compressed into the oil separator, after the separation of the
Air through the minimum pressure valve, into the air cooler, but also by the export
Valve through the filter into the freeze dryer, after being cooled, and then
After degreasing filter through into the absorption dryer. Dry gas
Dew-point temperature of a body to reach 40%, 20% of the gas as smoking
Dryer attached to the heating and then angry; the remaining gas is divided into two-way,
All the way venting the pressure regulator, and the other Road and 5400kW pressure air compressor
Compressed air and the net was being taken with 14000m / h air separation plant.
1.3 Process Characteristics
(1) the use of two air compressors in parallel, load easy to adjust.
(2) The compressed air via a mains into 14000m / h air separation
Equipment, air cooling tower, because the air has been cooled to 40 ℃, air
Cooling tower cooling load has not increased too much, and enter the distillation column
Air volume increased, distillation, to maximize the potential degree of use.
(3) The compressed air through the filters at all levels, dew-point temperature
To achieve a 40 ℃, oil content <0.1 × 10 1, to instrument air
Requirements. To this end, this compressed air into the instrument air piping tube
Net. In order to prevent accidents caused due to sudden, after stopping at the two sets of air separation plants
Instrument air pipe network pressure is low, the system can not be secure parking and driving
Failures occurred.
(4) In order to ensure that the system high-voltage power grid after a fault occurs, the air
Presses can be used as instrument air compressor, air compressor power to adopt
With the 6000V high voltage power supply, from Friends of the motor factory supply, cooling water, mining
With a water-pump pressure after the pipe plus the use of recycled water back to a total backwater
Tube, in order to ensure the safe operation of the unit.
(5) the compressed air exit tube piping to 10000m / h air
Separation plant distillation system that can complement some of the amount of air to increase the adjustment .
1.4 transformation effect
(1) two small air compressor was installed in July 2004
And a test success, the compressed air into the 14000m / h air grouped
Prepared by 5400kW compressor. After several months of operation testing, equipment
Stable running, easy operation, a higher degree of automation.
14000m / h air separation plant distillation column distillation has been the potential of mining,
Out of oxygen before the increase compared to 800m / h, met with the gasifier
Oxygen requirements, solve the methanol production bottlenecks. With annual operating
Time 180d dollars, methanol production increased by 4320t / a.
(2) to drive successful, you can also 14000m / h air grouped
Preparation of 3200kW for the distillation column when the air compressor failure to provide a certain degree of
Added gas, the ability to 5400kW with the air compressor as soon as a stable
Distillation operating conditions, to avoid big fluctuations.
(3) as a backup instrument air means put into use, the effect is very
Obvious. April 20, 2005, nine companies strong winds to make Cathay Pacific Railway
Railings hit the high voltage on the road, resulting in loss of 110kV high-voltage power grid
Electricity, ammonia and methanol systems throughout the entire park, thanks to a timely manner so that
With screw air compressor, so that instrument air pressure to keep the pipe network
0.42MPa or more to ensure system security to open, parking.
2 to 3 sets of parallel transformation of a large air compressor to
2.1 rehabilitation programs
A total of three air separation units throughout the large air compressor, which
5600kW air compressor for the DH-80 type, in order to 10000m / h air grouped
Preparation of supporting, and 5400kW and 3200kW air compressor for the air compressor
14000m / h air separation plant auxiliary, air compressor overhaul period is a
年. When the 5400kW air compressor repair, if in accordance with normal operation
Way, 5400kW air compressor once the outage, 14000m / h air grouped
Preparation forced to stop, 3200kW air compressor is also outage, 10000m / h
An air separation plant to maintain operation, oxygen production only 10000m / h, can only be
Taiwan to maintain a gasifier operation, to maintain a single system operation, is bound to be made
Into a great economic losses. To this end, from the compressor exit 5600kW
5400kW with an air compressor into the export pipeline will be empty 5600kW
Presses the compressed gas into the 14000m / h air separation plant. When
5400kW when the air compressor repair, 10000m / h air separation plant and parking
Run 14000m / h air separation plant, oxygen production can be achieved
16000m / h or so, to maintain the two gasifier operation, to achieve
Methanol and ammonia dual-system operation, economic efficiency has been remarkable.
2.2 The transformation results
(1) After transformation, the pipeline is put into use a total of four times, a total of 10d, Paul
Certificate of methanol and ammonia and stable operation of the system to achieve the desired
(2) 5600kW air compressor compressed air into the 14000m3 / h
Air separation equipment, liquid oxygen production increased 90rn3, an increase of liquid argon
100m3, the liquid accumulated economic benefits 160,000 yuan.
(3) 5600kW air compressor into 14000m3 / h Air Separation Plant
Operation, the lowest oxygen production 15000m3 / h, of which 3 / 5
Gas for the methanol system, the production of methanol 2520t, 2 / 5 of the gas for the
Ammonia system, the production of synthetic ammonia 1800t, be cost-effective 100
3 Conclusion
Through the addition of two screw air compressor, for the settlement because of the empty
Gas shortage caused by the drop in oxygen air separation problems; another
, It can be in emergency situations to use as an instrument air compressor to ensure that
Open system security, parking. 5600kW air compressor and compressed air
Into 14000m / h air separation plant to ensure 14000m / h air grouped
Preparation of oxygen production. After the above transformation, long-term constraints, methanol,
Ammonia high load, long-term operation of the bottleneck problem is to understand
Summary, the overall air separation operation stability has been improved to obtain
Significant economic benefits.