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PSA Oxygen Generator
Working Principle
    PSA oxygen generator is air as raw material, at room temperature, low pressure, the use of zeolite adsorption of nitrogen pressure on the capacity of increase of nitrogen decompression to reduce the adsorption capacity of the properties, formation pressure adsorption, desorption cycle decompression process, so that oxygen and nitrogen in the air from the oxygen separation system.
    PSA oxygen generator system is mainly by the air compressor, air purification systems, air tank, switching valve, and oxygen absorber composed of a buffer tank.
    Raw materials of air compressed by the compressor, after dust removal, degreasing, drying, into the air storage tank, and then left into the valve through the left into the adsorption tower. At this point the pressure of rising towers, compressed air was in the Zeolite molecular nitrogen adsorption, the oxygen adsorption is not through the adsorption bed, through a valve into the buffer tank of oxygen. This process is known as adsorption,几十秒duration. After the adsorption process, the left and right tower adsorption adsorption tower through the pressure valve are connected to pressure balance the two towers, a process known as voltage, duration is about 3 ~ 5 seconds. After the end of all pressure, compressed air and through the right intake valve into the right adsorption tower, repeat the above process of adsorption. At the same time, the left tower in the adsorption of oxygen by molecular sieve adsorption emptying through the left decompression valve to release them to the atmosphere, this process is known as desorption, adsorption capacity of molecular sieve in order to be renewable. Similarly, when the left the right column adsorption desorption tower also. Adsorption tower right after the end of the course of the same access to all pressure, and then switch to the left column adsorption, such a cycle of alternating, continuous production of oxygen.
    The basic process steps are automatically switched by the PLC and to achieve automatic control valve.
Technical Features

    1, configuration and other cold and dry air pre-treatment equipment, effective protection of the life of a molecular sieve. 
    2, the use of high-quality German brand pneumatic valves, gate time is short, no leakage, long service life of more than three million to meet the frequent use of pressure swing adsorption process requirements, high reliability. 
    3, the use of PLC control, can be fully automatic operation, maintenance convenience, performance, stability, low failure rate. 
    4, and the purity of gas production can be adjusted, where appropriate. 
    5, continuously optimized process design, coupled with the selection of new molecular sieve, the maximum extent possible to reduce the energy consumption and capital investment. 
    6, the installation of complete assembly, to reduce site installation time to ensure that the site quickly and easily installed. 
    7, the structural design of compact, small area.

1. Iron and steel industry
    Blast furnace, converter and electric arc furnace smelting, such as enhanced
2. Chemical Industry
Change the molecular structure of products to enhance ethylene, propylene, chlorine production capacity of technology.
3. Paper Industry
Pulp production, bleaching, chemical recovery.
4. Metal production and processing
    Raise the temperature to strengthen metal smelting, metal welding and cutting and so on.
5. Glass manufacturing
Raise the furnace temperature, to reduce nitrogen emissions to meet environmental regulations.
6. Petrochemical
    Oil extraction and refining, to increase oil, gas and other production and desulfurization.
7. Other field of use 
Solid waste incineration with oxygen for combustion, combustion temperatures are high, to reduce garbage generated by the combustion process flue gas volume and content of harmful substances. Waste incineration process recyclable heat generated for heating and power generation. 
    Cement production to increase the use of oxygen-rich furnace output and extend the service life, at the same time conducive to environmental protection. 
    Hospital Medical Oxygen breathing with oxygen, such as home oxygen. 
    Ozone production of oxygen source, furnace combustion, groundwater maintenance, agricultural waste disposal.
Technical parameters