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One of the problem
KL. 15 oxygen nitrogen production trucks for small mobile air separation equipment,
Use of heat recovery chiller refrigeration, heat exchanger with the switch removed the air
In the water and carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen filling pressure used
Contraction mode. The process shown in Figure 1.
However, as the equipment design, shape of time earlier than that operate
More complex, high failure rate. Among them, liquid oxygen pump into the fluid pipe plugging
Cyprus is a common fault. The following two points is a writer in a certain oxygen
Encountered in liquid oxygen pump into the fluid tube congestion.
In June 2004, operators in the completion of the air separation plant
Launched, to prepare the system to take gas oxygen. When you open a liquid oxygen pump inlet, exhaust
Valve and reservoir valve device blowing addition to the cooling of the liquid oxygen pump, they found
Reservoir pressure gauge device instruction is 0, liquid height without any change in
Blowing. 2 valves did not gases. The liquid oxygen pump high-speed operation, and no
High-pressure gas oxygen occurs. May 26, 2005, there have been similar
Failure. And Before that, the oxygen stations and other stations have oxygen
The same failure occurred on many occasions.
In these two failures happen, I have pairs of liquid oxygen pumps and related
Of the pipeline were examined and found: The problem is the cooling liquid oxygen
Pump before the pass. 9 valve before the pipeline had been frozen, oxygen-free
France from the reservoir flows into the liquid oxygen pump device.
2 analysis of the problems
Often, people will pump liquid oxygen into the liquid return pipe to freeze the reasons for
Knot in the KL. 15 oxygen nitrogen vehicle heating process, heating is not
Completely, resulting in distillation, liquid receiver and the pipe containing the water too much, this
Some water ice crystals in the start-up phase, and blocked the pipe. However, this writer
That the start-up phase operation are improper is the most important primary
Because, and this failure can be avoided entirely.
KL. 15 oxygen nitrogen car start, in accordance with the operating manual of
Provides, first of all cooling distillation column, so that distillation accumulated a certain amount of
Liquid, and then cooled switch-type heat exchanger, when the middle-temperature heat exchanger
Degree to achieve a 90 ~ C, the normal on the oxygen, nitrogen operation, in accordance with
By switching the air heat exchanger to remove moisture and carbon dioxide.
In the oxygen or nitrogen purity of the product quickly to meet the requirements when the cooling liquid receiver,
Finally the cooling liquid oxygen pump.
By the flow chart we can see, liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen respectively from a four-pass valve and
Pass. 5 valve due to pressure and flow into the reservoir, and then the liquid from the reservoir fluid
The bottom of the device by-pass valve or a six-pass a discharge valve 9. The liquid receiver in the
Liquid discharge pipe is in the bottom of the reservoir device, and the liquid discharge pipe is not as shown in
Straight tube, but a more curved pipe. In other words, such as the
Fruit at the bottom of the liquid discharged from the liquid receiver, it will also flow to pass a 6 valve
And the pass. 9 valves.
In KL. 15 oxygen distillation column and the reservoir liquid nitrogen vehicle device plus
Temperature process, set the temperature of the air out of furnace 100 cI =, when the tower
Within the temperature reaches 50cI = (or higher than room temperature for 30 cI =), the heating
End. From the saturated air at atmospheric pressure wet wet tables available, at a temperature
To 50cI = when the moisture content of 83.06g/rn3, in a 60cI =
When the moisture content of about 0.01g/m3. Therefore, the heating knot
Beam, the tower air moisture content close to saturation, because of the
High temperature, the water tower there is more. If the heating of partial
The end of storage devices, there will be more liquid water exists. In the start-up phase
Fluid phase of the tower, the first being cooled is the distillation column. In accordance with gymnastics
For brochure requests, the operation panel, just open the heat. 1, Section 1 1
And the Festival. 2 valves, other valves are closed. As the liquid receiver and the distillation
The smaller distance between the towers, will also indirectly be cool, but the cooling rate
There is no distillation fast, liquid receiver and the distillation of water near the pipeline
Content also rapidly decreased and the air inside the container out of water analysis, precipitation
The water will not be immediately frozen ice crystals, but in the form of flow of liquid storage
Dispenser the bottom of the liquid through the discharge pipe together to pass. 6 valve or pass. 9 Valve
Valve port. Wait until the cooling Switching preheater, the collection of the pass. 6
A 9-pass valve until the water freezes ice crystals. As the pass. 6 valve diameter than the
Large, easy to plug, and a nine-pass valve diameter smaller, as long as 1 ~ 2g
Water will result in nozzle clogging, resulting in liquid oxygen pump in the cooling head tube
Lu had been frozen, the liquid can not flow into the liquid oxygen pump.
3 solutions
From the start-up phase of the analysis point of view, the pump liquid oxygen into the liquid in the mouth
Distillation and switch the cooling heat exchanger and the liquid receiver was frozen.
Therefore, as long as the Distillation and switch the cooling heat exchanger, through enhanced
Pass. 9, l0-pass valve and a pass. 6 In addition to blowing the valve, so that the accumulation of these two
The valve before the water before the ice crystals are blown out, inter. Also
Is the fluid and cooling tower heat exchanger of the pre-switch, timely hit
Opened. 4, pass. 5, Tung. 6, pass. 9, Tung. 10 and blowing. 6 valve, will vary
Condensation which accumulate in the pass. 9, Tung. 10 valves before the addition of water blowing out,
Can avoid the freezing of liquid oxygen pump into the liquid pipe at the same time to avoid the pass. 10
Valve to freeze, resulting in vaporization of liquid oxygen gas after the pump is full of liquid oxygen, liquid
Not have access to liquid oxygen pump failures.