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5-effectiveness analysis
To take these measures, to reduce production costs and increase the liquid
Oxygen production. In October 2004 to complete the rectification, air separation plant has been
Smooth operation of 10 months. During the power outage due to causes such as
ASU parking, the operating conditions well. Increase in production of liquid oxygen
12%, to 1.4m / h, unit energy consumption decreased by 5.4%, down
To 1.57kW · h / m.
The system significantly reduces power consumption, shown in Table 3.
Table 3 measures for improving the systems before and after comparison of the power consumption kW
Project pre-cooling system, air compressor system, air purification system, molecular sieve
Adjust the pre-1455 7l 144
Adjusted l462 48 ll5.2
6 rectification experience and ideas
For this liquid air separation did not prepare, if we can in the main heat exchanger
The front plus a cryogenic freezer, will be fully air first through the low-temperature freezing
After cooling to heat transfer machine can be a very good to improve the primary heat exchanger temperature
Poor distribution, reduction of cold damage, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption. At the same time, are
In the operation of each system may not be optimal conditions, it should be well hidden
Power to be tapped. Now, if there are more improvements, I would like to with the
Readers to continue to explore.
Meanwhile, a new air separation plant for the enterprise, each piece of equipment and
Selection of the auxiliary equipment must be prudent and take into account all the base
Chu conditions, the impact, so that each piece of equipment to meet the normal operation of the
Environmental conditions.