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Nitrogen Generator for multicrystal silicon
    Silicon semiconductor industry for the production process has a very stringent requirements, for a long time because of an air separation plant PSA technical limitations of the nitrogen production can not satisfy their needs, it has been in industrial use of expensive liquid nitrogen as a protective atmosphere. This, Weiton company after nearly two years of research and development, in general use nitrogen devices based on silicon semiconductor industry for the special requirements of nitrogen, the successful production of the nitrogen-specific device support. Nitrogen produced by the device high-purity nitrogen, low dew point, non-hazardous impurities, the semiconductor silicon industry can meet the high demand for nitrogen. Moreover, the device easy to operate, easy to maintain, fewer consumables, users are the best choice for doubt.

    Weiton produced the first global industry-specific nitrogen silicon semiconductor devices, has been uninterrupted, trouble-free operation of the past two years, PSA nitrogen for the entire industry, was a breakthrough. At present, Weiton is the only silicon in the semiconductor industry has a good application of technologies and manufacturers of PSA nitrogen.
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