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Jilinjien Nickel company in November 2001 installed a set of
Kaifeng Air Separation Group, made KDON2400 / 1000-type air separation equipment,
After several years of operation, the device is operating normally, the technical parameters
To achieve the design target, but each time from start to normal out of oxygen are subject to
To 24 ~ 36h, affect the normal oxygen supply. To this end, its been sub -
Analysis and research, improved methods of operation, a new start method only 6 ~
8h can be out of oxygen. Will not only save a lot of power consumption and water consumption,
But also to ensure the follow-up production of the normal oxygen, economic benefit.
A part of the processing of air-cooled by liquid nitrogen under the tower backward
Air-cooling equipment, the main phase is to enable the internal distillation and gas
The body temperature drop. On this point, in the distillation of liquid air relief valve
Then an external tank, the associated pressure gauges and valves and so on. In the tank in the
Into liquid nitrogen (companies have a set of 180m3 / h air separation plant can produce fluid
Nitrogen), tank side then the wind pipe, air duct connected to the air separation plant molecular
Sieve purification system on the rear of the wind pipe, the wind on the source from the air separation systems
Filtered dry air through the pressure tank of gas pressure can be used
Regulating valve adjusted to the next than the distillation tower pressure is high 0103 ~
0105MPa. This starts an air separation plant, part of the air through the
Liquid nitrogen tank of liquid nitrogen cooled directly to the next tower, so that distillation column
Internal temperature to drop rapidly to achieve rapid cooling purposes.
Two oxygen intrusion into the tower
Fluid phase of the main tasks of the accumulation of liquid oxygen to a certain high -
Degrees. Discharge valve in the liquid oxygen from one of the external tank, the load in the tank
Of liquid oxygen, the same right to conduct pressurized tank of liquid oxygen to pressure ratio
High pressure on the tower 01005 ~ 0101MPa, so that oxygen directly into the
On the tower. In this way, liquid oxygen liquid height can be rapidly increasing, and quickly
3 Notes on operation
(1) Installation of tanks and associated pressure gauge and valves, we must
According to the requirements of a strict cleaning and degreasing pressure test inspection, after passing the
Before using.
(2) In the cooling stage, the first full-distillation of liquid air and liquid on the
Nitrogen throttle, oxygen and nitrogen discharge valve, the air compressor does not run
Cases, the role of the temperature difference, the liquid nitrogen tank of liquid nitrogen steam
Made for the nitrogen into the next distillation tower, so that the next tower and the tower of the slow
Cooling, to avoid rapid cooling, so that cause stress and deformation of the tower.
1h and then start the air compressor, so that part of the dry air through the liquid nitrogen storage
The liquid nitrogen tank and then enter the next tower, so that the temperature of the tower into a
Step down. After about 2h, the temperature dropped to the tower - 170 ℃, the
Air Liquide closed discharge valve, to stop transmission tower liquid nitrogen, relying on distillation column
Own work gradually Air Liquide.
(3) upward Tower poured into liquid oxygen when the liquid up to the next tower Air Liquide
To normal, the liquid oxygen liquid height in the 20 ~ 40mm or more, and
In the distillation conditions unchanged, the liquid oxygen in the liquid oxygen tank
Pressure, so pressure is higher than the pressure on the tower 01005 ~ 0101MPa,
To make liquid oxygen slowly entered the tower. In the press into the process according to oxygen
Surface height changes, continuous supply of liquid oxygen and pressurized, as close to liquid
Liquid oxygen when a high degree of design value, and stop up into the tower pressure liquid oxygen.
(4) during operation must be carefully and under the distillation
Tower of various data expander and the timely adjustment of the valve opening, Paul
Permit distillation parameters in the normal operating mode to run.