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Combined adsorption dryer
Product Overview
    Modular low dew point dryer, compressed air is freezing, adsorption, filtration of three organic combination of dry filtration equipment, and optimize the configuration from the compressed air in addition to water purification equipment. Adsorption in the absence of renewable sources of dry heat on the basis of the principle of combination of freeze-drying first import air cooling, with complete separation of gas-water re-entering the absorption tower, and at room temperature and low dew point air for regeneration, with less access to re-gas consumption no dew point as low as thermal regeneration of the air, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.
Technical performance
    Customer needs based on the dew-point temperature for -40 ℃ (10min) and 70 ℃ (4min) the choice of two cycles; 

    Customers can actually use, reference intake air temperature, inlet pressure, inlet air flow parameters, select energy-efficient economic model; 

    Alarm function with abnormal valves, solenoid valve can detect short-circuit, short circuit and the valve is open the misoperation; 

    Through high-temperature alarm function (settings 46 ℃), adsorption column inlet pressure low alarm function (set the value of 0.45MPa); 

    The main valve, solenoid valve output with short circuit protection function; 

    With power protection, power protection after the normal operation of the dryer. 

    Delay and balance the refrigeration system high side pressure of low pressure in order to facilitate the compressor start-up; 

    Have high-pressure refrigerant, low refrigerant escape beyond the protection and overheating protection; 

    Over-current protection devices to prevent compressor overload OL; 

    SOL device shuts down to prevent liquid refrigerant in the compressor caused by fluid entering the hit; 

    Refrigerant system, there are expansion valve, hot gas bypass valve, water control valve such as the scope of normal operating characteristics of the inlet air for automatic compensation.