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    08 at the beginning of frequent victories, following one after another Capture Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region market, Weiton will present the most competitive system input through the beauty of Taiwan Strait - Taiwan.

    The biggest partner for Taiwan Electronic Packaging Group-H.ELE, this is also the history of technological level of the market's most stringent Weiton Evaluation and Recognition!

    In early 2003, Weiton Shenzhen H. ELE received the invitation with Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other peer to join the 150 standard of 99.99% nitrogen PSA system evaluation, as a system in South China's largest gas supplier to Weiton absolute advantage was designated as the first choice, when about to sign when the users have put forward a domestic space industry can not meet the technical requirements - the use of the compressor 75KW. Such a request at the compressor Weiton only possible to achieve accurate output when, after careful risk assessment of the technology only after the customer said - No! Responding to the Weiton users was made in good faith - as long as you are OK you have been my first choice! At Weiton also before and after two years and five co-operation of H. ELE missed! The user selected other manufacturers, although agree the request but should not the actual results are unsatisfactory acceptance, not even a normal boot.

    Unintentionally by the end of 2006 the two sides resumed contact, asked whether it is up to request, the answer is: OK! Can also exceed the requirements of 25-30%. The following year the two sides launched a series of cooperation:

    200 S side / h 99.99% of the PSA nitrogen plant, the United States ADV instrumentation, the two sets of flow meter calibration, full load operation for nearly a year;

    400 S side / h nitrogen-free hydrogen purification devices, purified nitrogen prior to selection of the other manufacturers should not part of standard nitrogen; 
    Transformation of the existing Units 1 to 150 S / h 99.99% of the imports of nitrogen system, the original standard of 100 square / hour production capacity to 250 standard side / hour;

    Custom-made in Taiwan Factory Units 1 to 150 S / h 99.99% of the PSA nitrogen systems.
    ... ...

    Weiton system has long been a line of advanced, energy-efficient front-runners, this is an indisputable fact. Of course, sometimes encountered, or are suspected of so-called "experts" in the negative, but facts speak louder than words, the system received more than the most stringent customer's most demanding test, Weiton to full compliance, and energy-saving more than 30% of the absolute advantage of allowing clients and peers have been convinced.