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45Kw compressor with 100 cubic meters per hour productive nitrogen 99.99% ------- you believe it?
---- Weiton new technologies, new breakthroughs in energy conservation
    Yesterday, the test of a new workshop on photovoltaic materials Jiangxi ordered 100 cubic meters / hour, 99.99% purity nitrogen plant a full system testing. The laboratory tests used in the development of Weiton the latest energy-saving technology of nitrogen, the test results at a reasonable calculation of the full scope of the following specific parameters.
    In fact Weiton users to sign a contract with the country before the "class expert" PSA production plant had a "diagnostic technology," the results are: 45Kw compressor with 100 cubic meters per hour 99.99% productive nitrogen is a mission impossible! With at least some of 55Kw, more outrageous use of 75Kw. Weiton the re-examination of the, Weiton proof of just two years ago: we can do! And commitment: the replacement of failed free big machine, the user loss guarantee to pay compensations.

    Weiton this score is another major breakthrough in the laboratory is the "industry, academia, research," to benefit from the best examples, but also once again set a new industry of energy-saving Weiton own records, the technology leader in the domestic counterparts, at least time both to consolidate its leading position among the!