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Nitrogen Generator is based on the air as raw material, the use of physical method, in which oxygen and nitrogen separation, access to the equipment which nitrogen.

There are three industry preparation, that is, cryogenic air separation method, molecular sieve air separation method (PSA) and membrane air separation method.

A molecular sieve air separation nitrogen

Air as raw materials and carbon molecular sieve as the adsorbent, the use of pressure swing adsorption principle, the use of carbon molecular sieve oxygen and nitrogen on the selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen separation method, commonly known as PSA nitrogen. This method is the rapid development of the seventies with a new technology of nitrogen. Nitrogen compared with the traditional method, it has a simple process, high degree of automation, fast gas production (15 ~ 30 minutes), low energy consumption and product purity in a wide range according to the need for regulation, operation and maintenance convenient operation lower cost, more features such as adaptive devices, so they are 1000Nm3 / h nitrogen plant in the following competitive, more and more small and medium-sized nitrogen users, PSA nitrogen has become the small and medium-sized users preferred nitrogen method.

B nitrogen cryogenic air separation

Cryogenic air separation nitrogen Nitrogen is a traditional method, has been the history of recent decades. It is based on the air as raw materials, through compression, purification, re-use the air liquefaction heat exchanger as a liquid and air. Air Liquide is a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, the use of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen boiling point of different (at 1 atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of the former -183 ℃, the latter for the -196 ℃), through the distillation of liquid air to enable them to obtain nitrogen separation. Cryogenic air separation nitrogen plant complex, covers an area of large, high infrastructure costs, one-time investment in more equipment, higher operating costs, slow gas production (12 ~ 24h), the installation requirements, a longer cycle. Integrated equipment, installation and infrastructure factors, 3500Nm3 / h below the equipment, the same specifications of the PSA device than the scale of investment in cryogenic air separation plant 20% to 50%. Nitrogen cryogenic air separation device suitable for large-scale industrial nitrogen, while the medium and small size of nitrogen it is not economic.

C nitrogen air separation membrane

Air as raw materials, to a certain pressure conditions, such as the use of oxygen and nitrogen gases of different natures have different membrane permeation rate in order to make the separation of oxygen and nitrogen. And other nitrogen plant structure compared to its more simple, smaller, non-switching valves, less maintenance, faster gas (≤ 3 minutes), Compatibilizer convenient, it is particularly suitable for the purity nitrogen ≤ 98% of small and medium-sized nitrogen users, prices are the best features. And nitrogen in more than 98% purity, it is with the same specifications of the PSA Nitrogen Generator higher compared to prices of more than 15%