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    Beginning of the 21st century, UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the process of grain and oil storage fumigant use will be further restricted and prohibited, and actively advocate in order to regulate the grain stack gas composition (controlled atmosphere storage) to change the pests, mold of the living environment, reduce food their aerobic respiration, to stored grain security, the purpose of delaying aging, green grain storage implementation. 
    With the people's living standards improve, the target of food is also more and more attention to hygiene. Nitrogen application equipment, grain storage has been fully able to meet the pursuit of green food and green grain storage is the formation of our country of choice for new technologies. 
    Victoria Green Group introduced nitrogen stored grain products, effective implementation of the green grain storage purposes. Manufactured to a certain degree of purity nitrogen, pressure, temperature and flow within the conveyor to the warehouse, through the warehouse atmosphere of nitrogen in the food pipeline will be evenly spread of sand, when the concentration increased gradually and after a certain period of time to maintain the pest damage and living environment for mold, causing suffocation and death pests, suppression of food physiological breathing, slow down aging food, and ensure the quality of stored grain.